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May 2007 OPAG Meeting


Tuesday, May 1
  Welcome and PSS report
Fran Bagenal, OPAG Chair, University of Colorado
  Planetary Science Division Update
Jim Green, Divison Director, NASA Headquarters
  Technology for OP Exploration
  Aerocapture Status Report and ISPT Content Summary
Tibor Kremic, GRC
  NASA's Radioisotope Power Systems Program
Alan Harmon, DOE/NASA Headquarters
  New Frontiers Program Status 
Jim Green, NASA Headquarters
  Committee to Assess Solar System Exploration
Sushil Atreya, University of Michigan
  Titan and Enceladus $1B Mission Feasibility Study
Kim Reh, JPL
  Laboratory Studies in Support of Planetary Missions-Titan
Dale Cruikshank, Ames RC
  Latest news on giant planet atmospheric dynamics
Kevin Baines, JPL
  Latest news from the HST auroral campaign
John Clarke, Boston University
Wednesday, May 2
  Flagship Mission Studies - Study Overview and Purpose
Curt Niebur, NASA Headquarters
  Europa Explorer SDT: Report to OPAG
Karla B. Clark, Ron Greeley, Bob Pappalardo
  Jupiter System Observer (JSO): Status of Science Definition and Technical Team Activities
Louise Prockter, Dave Senske, Johnny Kwok
  Titan Flagship Study: Report to OPAG
Ralph Lorenz, Hunter Waite
  Enceladus Study
Razzaghi, Simon-Miller, Spencer
  ESA’s Cosmic Vision
Michel Blanc