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November 2006 OPAG Meeting


8:45 Welcome and PSS report
Fran Bagenal, OPAG Chair, University of Colorado
9:00 HQ Update
Jim Green
Acting Division Director, NASA Headquarters
10:30 New Horizons Status
Alan Stern, SWRI

Juno Status
Randy Gladstone for Scott Bolton, SWRI

11:30 Uranus at Equinox
Mark Hofstadter, JPL
1:00 Enceladus Focus Group report
Carolyn Porco, SSI
1:30 Atmospheric Probes Workshop
Sushil Atreya, University of Michigan
2:00 Working Group Breakout Sessions
4:00 Plenary reports from working groups and draft OPAG findings
Wednesday, November 8
8:30 Titan
Caitlin Griffiths, University of Arizona
8:45 Chronology of the Solar System
Paul Schenk, Lunar and Planetary Institute
9:30 Cassini Status
Dennis Matson, JPL

Radioisotope Power Systems
Steve Johnson for Harold McFarlane, Idaho National Lab

10:30 RPS Discussion
11:00 Titan and Enceladus Mission Feasibility Study
Kim Reh, JPL
Titan Mission
Hunter Waite, SWRI
Enceladus Mission
John Spencer, SWRI
11:40 NASA Academy Enceladus Study
R. Anderson, M. McMillian, D. Calvo
1:00 Extra-Solar Planet Atmospheres
Bill Hubbard, University of Arizona
1:30 Outer Planets Research and Analysis Programs
Curt Niebur, NASA Headquarters
2:00 NASA's Planetary System Science Management Operations Working Group (PSS/MOWG)
Steve Larson, LPL
3:00 Plenary
OPAG Pathways Document and finalize findings to PSS