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Planetary Science Subcommittee Notes





Planetary Science Subcommittee Meeting

March 3–4, 2008
Greenewalt Auditorium
The Carnegie Institution of Washington

March 3 (8:30 AM – 6:30 PM)

8:30 Welcome, Introduction of New Members, Appreciations of Departing Members & Other Administrativia

Sean Solomon
Michael New


Planetary Science Division Update

  • Impacts of 2009 President’s Budget
  • Discovery 2006 selection
  • Mar Scout selection postponement
  • Status of New Frontiers AO
  • PI requirements for New Frontiers and Discovery Programs
  • MSR and OPF update
  • MSL status update
  • LRO status update
Mars Exploration Program

Jim Green





Doug McCuistion



11:45 Lunch  
12:30 SMD Status and Issues S. Alan Stern
1:30 Annual Ethics Briefing Rebecca Gilchrist
2:30 Mars Sample Receiving Facility Ron Atlas

Analysis Group & MOWG Reports


Ellen Stofan
Clive Neal
Jack Mustard
Fran Bagenal
Faith Vilas
Chip Shearer
Bill Bottke

Discussion Sean Solomon


PSS dinner at TBD

March 4 (8:30 AM – 5:30 PM)
8:30 Administrative Matters

Sean Solomon
Michael New

8:45 Report on Lunar Architecture 2 Study Geoff Yoder
9:45 Report on Outpost Science Working Group Activities Kelly Snook
10:15 Discussion Sean Solomon
11:30 Lunch  
1:00 NRC Committee to Assess Solar System Exploration

Wes Huntress
Norine Noonan
Scott Hubbard
Ralph McNutt

3:00 Break  
3:30 Discussion Sean Solomon
4:30 Formulation of Recommendations & Planning of Future Meetings Sean Solomon

Jim Head
Jack Mustard
5:30 Adjourn