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Planetary Science Subcommittee Notes





Planetary Science Subcommittee Meeting

June 23–24, 2008
NASA Goddard Spaceflight Center
Building 1, Room E100E

June 23 (8:30 AM – 6:30 PM)

8:30 Welcome and other Administrativia

Sean Solomon
Michael New


Planetary Science Division Updates

Mars Exploration Program Status (1.8 MB)

Jim Green

Michael Meyer



Sean Solomon
11:45 Lunch
Update on Phoenix mission
Peter Smith or
Ray Arvidson
12:45 Outer Planets Flagship Mission Studies Curt Niebur

Analysis Group & MOWG Reports


Ellen Stofan
Clive Neal
Jack Mustard
Fran Bagenal
Faith Vilas
Chip Shearer

3:30 Break  
MSR Planning Presentation Lisa May

Lunar Capabilities Concept Review (LCCR) (3 MB)

Clive Neal
4:45 2008 Annual Grading Jamboree
Government Performance and Results Act
Phil Crane

PSS dinner at Franklin’s Brewery

Sean Solomon
June 24 (7:00 AM–4:30 PM)
7:00 Tour of GSFC  
8:30 Administrative Matters

Sean Solomon
Michael New

8:45 Improving the Life-Cycle Cost Management of Planetary Missions Bryan Barley
9:45 An Assessment of the Inherent Optimism in Early Conceptual Designs and its Effect on Cost and Schedule Growth (1.5 MB) Claude Freaner
10:45 SMD Cost/Schedule Performance Study
Summary Overview
Cindy Bruno
11:45 Discussion of Mission Cost Drivers Sean Solomon
12:00 Lunch


1:00 Discussion of Mission Cost Drivers (continued) Sean Solomon
2:00 Discussion with new AA, Ed Weiler Ed Weiler
3:30 Discussion, Formulation of Recommendations & Planning of Future Meetings Sean Solomon
4:30 Adjourn Sean Solomon