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Planetary Science Subcommittee Notes

PSS Meeting
May 8–9, 2012
NASA Heasquarters

Agenda and Presentations


May 8 (8:30–5:00, Room 6H45)



8:30 Welcome, Agenda, Announcements

Bell, Rall

8:45 PSD Status Green
10:15 Break  

Mars Program Status Update
Mars Program Planning Group Activities

Orlando Figaro


1:30 ESA-JUICE Programmatic Status Update Salute
2:00 Planetary Protection for Icy Moons: updating the SSB Europa Report Cassie Conley
2:30 Icy Solar System Bodies Geoff Collins
3:00 R&A Update Rall
3:30 Discussion (including next meetings)  
5:00 Adjourn  

May 9 (8:30–4:00, Room 3H46)

8:30 Agenda Updates & Announcements

Bell, Rall

8:45 VEXAG Report Limaye
9:15 OPAG Report McKinnon
9:45 Break  
10:00 LEAG Report Shearer
10:30 MEPAG Report Des Marais
11:00 CAPTEM Report Wadhwa
11:30 Transit of Venus Part 1
Transit of Venus Part 2
Sten Odenwald
Lou Mayo
1:30 SBAG Sykes
2:30 Discussion  
4:00 Adjourn  

SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: The meeting will be open to the public up to the capacity of the room. The meeting will also be available telephonically and by WebEx. Any interested person may call the USA toll free conference call number 888-390-1271, pass code PSS, to participate in this meeting by telephone. The WebEx link is, the meeting number on May 8 is 991 015 190, password PSS@May8; the meeting number on May 9 is 995 739 151, password
PSS@May 9.