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Guidebook to the Geology of Barringer Meteorite Crater, Arizona (a.k.a. Meteor Crater)
by David A. Kring
©2007, Lunar and Planetary Institute
LPI Contribution No.

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Front matter (695 K)

Chapter 1:  Introduction (2.9 MB)

Chapter 2:  Target Sequence (11.3 MB)

Chapter 3:  Barringer Meteorite Impact Crater (12.5 MB)

Chapter 4:  Shock Metamorphism (2.1 MB)

Chapter 5:  Crater Rim Uplift and Crater Wall Collapse (3.6 MB)

Chapter 6:  Overturned Rim Sequence (9.3 MB)

Chapter 7:  Distribution of Ejecta (8.7 MB)

Chapter 8:  Projectile (2.8 MB)

Chapter 9:  Trajectory (355 K)

Chapter 10:  Energy of Impact (399 K)

Chapter 11:  Age of the Crater (353 K)

Chapter 12:  Environmental Effects of the Impact (4.7 MB)

Chapter 13:  Post-Impact Lake (352 K)

Trail Guides:  Aerial View and Trail Guide Routes (3.7 MB)

Chapter 14:  Crater Rim East Trail Guide (35 MB)

Chapter 15:  Crater Floor Trail Guide (52.5 MB)

Bibliography (377 K)

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