1994 Dwornik Student Awards Announced

The Stephen E. Dwornik Planetary Geoscience Student Paper Awards, given for the best student presentations at the 25th Lunar and Planetary Science Conference, have been announced by the Planetary Geology Division of the Geological Society of America, which sponsors the competition.

The winner for oral presentation is Lauren B. Browning, University of Tennessee, for "Alteration and Formation of Rims on the CM Parent Body." Honorable mentions were given to Maribeth Price, Princeton University, for "Young Tectonism and Volcanism on Venus: Age Estimates from Crater Densities," and Robert Pappalardo, Arizona State University, for "Extensional Tectonics of Arden Corona, Miranda: Evidence for an Upwelling Origin of Coronae."

For poster presentation, the winner is Tracy K. P. Gregg, Arizona State University, for "Ratio of First and Second Generation Fold Wavelengths on Lavas May Indicate Flow Composition." Honorable mention was given to Melissa L. Wenrich, Arizona State University, for "Detectability of Carbonate in Unconsolidated and Indurated Sediments."

The cash award of $500 presented at NASA Headquarters is to provide encouragement, motivation, and recognition to outstanding future planetary scientists. Students who are U.S. citizens enrolled at any degree level in planetary geosciences are eligible to enter abstracts of which they are the senior author.<1>