These publications are available from the publisher listed or may be ordered through local bookstores.

Recently Published
Groundwater in Geologic Processes, by Steven E. Ingebritsen and Ward E. Sanford (Cambridge University Press, 1998, $69.95).

The publisher touts this book as "ideal for graduate-level hydrogeologists and geologists with backgrounds in calculus and introductory chemistry" and as an "invaluable reference for professionals in the field."

RealSky CD — The Southern Sky
This digitized southern sky survey by the Royal Observatory of Edinburgh/Anglo-Australian Observatory complements the original RealSky CD set, released on 9 CD-ROMs in 1996. The Southern sky set includes more than 1000 images compressed by a factor of 100 on 11 CD-ROMs. Sample images may be viewed on the Web at

The CD-ROM package includes viewing and manipulation software and is compatible with Windows, Macintosh, UNIX, and VMS systems. The cost of the 11 CD-ROM set is $250, plus shipping and handling. The entire RealSky CD set may be purchased for $450. For more information, call 800-355-2624.

Astronomical Almanac to Be Revised
The publishers of the Astronomical Almanac are seeking reader input into possible format and content revisions. Proposed changes for the annual volume, a joint publication of the Astronomical Applications Department of the U.S. Naval Observatory and the H. M. Nautical Almanac Office of the Royal Greenwich Observatory, include adoption of the International Celestial Reference Systems and the addition of a companion CD-ROM. The changes are expected to be incorporated into the 2002 edition of the almanac.

Almanac users wanting to voice their opinions on possible revisions can complete a survey available on the World Wide Web at The survey site will close on August 1, 1998.

NASA History Takes Leopold Prize
The Organization of American Historians recently awarded the 1998 Richard W. Leopold Prize to Andrew J. Butrica's To See the Unseen: A History of Planetary Astronomy. The Leopold Prize is awarded every two years to the best book written by a historian associated with a governmental body in the areas of foreign policy, military affairs, federal government history, or biography.

The book, part of the NASA History Series produced by the NASA Headquarters History Division, provides a comprehensive history of planetary radar astronomy, a technology that involves aiming a controlled radar signal at a planet (or some other target) and analyzing information from the signal's echo. The book is available through the Government Printing Office (stock number 033-000-01163-6).

Basaltic Volcanism Available On Line
The popular text Basaltic Volcanisn on the Terrestrial Planets (Pergamon Press, 1981) is now available on line through the NASA Astrophysics Data System website. The online text, available at, is part of ADS's extensive online holdings. Other recent additions to the ADS archive include back issues of Meteoritics & Planetary Science Online.

(Left) The juxtaposition of textures of basalts is shown in this photomicrograph from Basaltic Volcanism.


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