Mars Field Geology, Biology, and
Paleontology Workshop:
Summary and Recommendations

November 18–19, 1998
LPI Contribution Number 968

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Cover (332 K)

Front Matter (title page, compilation page, preface, contents) (12 K)

Introduction to Workshop (1.5 MB)

Results from the Workshop Teams (9.4 MB)

References (5 K)

Appendix 1:  Mars Surface Reference Mission, Stephen Hoffman, 1998:  Excerpts (801 K)

Appendix 2:  List of Workshop Participants and Relevant Experience (39 K)

Appendix 3:  Workshop Communications, Agenda, and Discussion Outlines (26 K)

Appendix 4:  Strawman Science Payloads and Feasibility Study (9 K)

Appendix 5:  Mars Mission Questions:  Ralph Harvey (855 K)

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