Past Events

July 14–22 39th COSPAR Scientific Assembly
Mysore, India
August 1 Rosetta rendezvous with 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko (Est.)
August 15 Dawn departs Vesta for Ceres (date is nominal)

January 25–26 4th Meeting of the NASA Small Bodies Assessment Group
Washington, DC
February 14 Stardust-NExT encounter with Tempel 1
February 22 Target NEO: Providing a Resilient NEO Accessibility Program
for Human Exploration Beyond LEO
Washington, DC
March 5–6 The Importance of Solar System Sample Return Missions to the
Future of Planetary Science

The Woodlands, TX
March 7–11 42nd Lunar and Planetary Science Conference
The Woodlands, TX
March 14–16 Second International Conference on the Exploration of Phobos
and Deimos

Moffett Field, CA
April 3–8 European Geosciences Union General Assembly
Vienna, Austria
April 10–14 AAS Division on Dynamical Astronomy
Austin, TX
April 11–15 Humans in Space Symposium
Houston, TX
May 9–12 2011 IAA Planetary Defense Conference
Bucharest, Romania
May 22–27 Japan Geoscience Union International Symposium 2011
Chiba-city, Japan
June 21–-24 9th IAA Low-Cost Planetary Missions Conference
Laurel, MD
July 15 Dawn enters survey orbit about Vesta (date is nominal)
July 17–22  Asteroids, Comets, Meteors 2011
Niijita, Japan
August 8–12 AOGS2011 - Asia Oceania Geosciences Society
Taipei, Taiwan
August 8–12 74th Annual Meteoritical Society
Greenwich, England
August 22–24 2nd Meeting of the International Primitive Body Exploration
Working Group
Pasadena CA
August 25–26 Fifth Meeting of the NASA Small Bodies Assessment Group
Pasadena, CA

April 25–29 Annual DDA meeting, Brookline, MA
April 26–28 Planetary Decadal Survey Meeting: Primitive Bodies
Panel, Knoxville, TN
May 2–7 European Geoscience Union General Assembly 2010,
Vienna, Austria
May 11–12 Nix and Hydra: Five Years After Discovery, Baltmore, MD
May 24–28 Meteoroids 2010, Breckenridge, CO
May 28 NASA Origins of Solar Systems proposal due date
June 4 NASA Planetary Geology and Geophysics proposal due date
June 8–10 Joint Space Resources Roundtable/Planetary &
Terrestrial Mining Sciences Symposium, Golden, CO
June 11 NASA Laboratory Analysis of Returned Samples
proposal due date
June 11 NASA Planetary Astronomy proposal due date
June 11 NASA NEOO proposal due date
June 13 Hayabusa landing in Australia
June 14–16 International Workshop of Paolo Farinessa (1953-2000),
Pisa, Italy
June 18 NASA Planetary Atmospheres proposal due date
June 27–July 1 Dynamical and Physical Properties of TNOs,
Philadephia, PA
July 10 Rosetta flyby of Lutetia (15:54 UTC)
July 13–15 Second Workshop on Binaries in the Solar System,
Poznan, Poland
July 18–25 COSPAR
July 21–23 Hubble Calibration Workshop, Baltimore, MD
July 26–30 Meteoritical Society, NY, NY
August 3–4 3rd Meeting of the NASA Small Bodies Assessment Group,
Pasadena, CA
September 13–15 The Delivery of Volatiles and Organics, Baltimore, MD
September 19–25 European Planetary Science Congress EPSC 2010,
Rome, Italy
October 4–8 42nd Meeting of the DPS, Pasadena, CA
November 4 EPOXI encounter with Hartley 2