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Subject: Data Archiving and Access draft
Author: Ludmilla Kolokolova <>
Date: 02-Aug-2010 19:31:24
Mark, Some comments to the roadmap (from bigger to smaller). 1. Should the roadmap include an item how the data from non-American missions and observers can be archived and/or accessed online (Hayabusa example)? 2. Big asteroid surveys - how to deal with those data? 3. What about the data restoration (e.g. comet Halley data)? 4. Should archiving the data from sample-return mission be discussed there? 5. Should google-like search be at least mentioned? 6. What is PDA? (PSA? IPDA?) 7. In II Impact data are mentioned twice. Thank you. Ludmilla ============================================================================== Ludmilla Kolokolova Planetary Data System Group Department of Astronomy Rm. 2337, Computer and Space Science Bldg. University of Maryland College Park, MD, 20742 Tel. (301) - 405 - 1539 Fax. (301) - 405 - 3538 ==============================================================================

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