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Subject: Small Bodies Roadmap - Data Products, Archiving and Analysis
Author: Mark V. Sykes <>
Date: 14-Jan-2011 19:30:57
Hi All - 

Time does fly. We will be discussing a draft of this document at the SBAG 4 meeting the week after next. I have attached the outline discussed at the SBAG 3 meeting last summer (to which I have started adding language). Please insert your thoughts on whatever sections you would like to contribute to in brackets with your name at the beginning and send them to me by Tuesday. I will be continuing to write while integrating your input. I will post the results (as well as distributing it to you) on Thursday.

Could someone volunteer to create a table summarizing the PDS Small Bodies holdings? 

A little more shake and back than I would like, but we will be off to a start at least! 

Thanks much,


Mark V. Sykes, Ph.D., J.D.,
CEO and Director
Planetary Science Institute
1700 E. Fort Lowell, Suite 106
Tucson, AZ 85719

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