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Subject: Small Bodies Roadmap - Data
Author: Mark V. Sykes <>
Date: 14-Jan-2011 19:30:58
Hi Ludmilla - I am thinking of a table that would indicate the missions, targets, and the types of data obtained (perhaps columns indicating imaging, visible spectroscopy, radiometry, etc. and a check for those obtained for that mission/target). Perhaps a second table of ground-based data holdings in a similar fashion. Since there are so many targets, we may want to generalize into target types (asteroids, comets, KBOs, etc.) for that. Similarly if small body targets for a mission are too many (e.g., IRAS), we could also reduct that to target types. Mark --------------------------------------------------- Mark V. Sykes, Ph.D., J.D., CEO and Director Planetary Science Institute 1700 E. Fort Lowell, Suite 106 Tucson, AZ 85719 520-622-6300 ----- Original Message ----- > > Could someone volunteer to create a table summarizing the PDS Small > > Bodies holdings? > > Mark, what information do you want in this summary? > > Ludmilla

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