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Subject: Survey about Experimental Studies aimed to Support the Exploration
Author: Julie C (3227) Castillo-Rogez <>
Date: 01-Dec-2010 19:31:29
Dear All, Let's get started with the preparation of the SBAG roadmap section about experimental studies!! We have developed an outline that we will share with you shortly, and at that time we will ask volunteers for help with developing some subsections. In the meantime, we would like to get your input to this survey (8 questions), in order to make sure that the outline is as thorough as possible. Thanks much in advance for your feedback! Best Regards, Julie Castillo-Rogez (JPL/Caltech) and Reggie Hudson (NASA Goddard) PS: Sorry for multiple postings as some of you already received a request for input to this survey earlier this week. Thanks much if you have already responded!

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