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Subject: sbag roadmap -
Author: Yan Fernandez <>
Date: 28-Jul-2010 11:31:23
Hello everyone -- Attached please find a rough, first-draft of the outline for the Population Identification and Characterization section of the roadmap. I threw some ideas together that I thought were relevant, but please feel free to shoot them down and change them. Or, if you like some of the ideas, you can expand on them too. The goal here is to have something reasonable by the time of the SBAG meeting on August 3 and 4. The discussion about this is scheduled for 8:45 am PDT on August 4. Please feel free to edit the file itself, or send suggestions around to the listserv. Thanks for everyone's input! --Yan -- Dr. Yan Fernandez, Asst. Prof. of Astronomy Department of Physics, University of Central Florida,

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