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Subject: population section draft of roadmap due on Jan 14
Author: Yan Fernandez <>
Date: 31-Dec-2010 03:31:21

Hi everyone -- It's time to start thinking again about the 'population
identification and characterization' section of the SBAG Roadmap.

When we last left this back in August, I presented to SBAG a brief
outline of our section. I'm attaching that presentation to refresh
everyone's memory.  It's a short PDF.

The outline upon which this SBAG presentation was based is online
(at ),
but this is the outline from July 28. So it's a bit old. I've taken
that outline and updated it, expanding it a bit, and incorporating
the comments that were sent to me in July and the comments I got
from the SBAG meeting participants.  The new, updated outline --
dated December 31 -- is attached.  Let's consider this the current

The next step is to convert this outline into a real document.  So
right now I'm asking for volunteers to tackle various parts.  If
you have a desire to write or help write some fraction of the
document, let the group know --- and please let us know soon!

The section draft is due on January 14, ie. only about 2 weeks away.
Then the draft will be open for community discussion until the next
SBAG meeting in the end of the month. I'm scheduled to give a talk
at that meeting about our section on January 25.


--Dr. Yan Fernandez, Asst. Prof. of AstronomyDepartment of Physics, University of Central,

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