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Subject: EXTERNAL:
Author: Yan Fernandez <>
Date: 04-Jan-2011 19:31:42
Hi Josh -- Good point, I'll add that bullet in to the outline. To all: any takers on text writing? Thanks --Yan On Jan 2, 2011, at 1:49 PM, Hopkins, Josh B wrote: > Yan, thanks for heading this up. > > I’d like to suggest another topic for the “current issues” section. > We need more follow-up observations to really determine orbits of > many of the small bodies as they are discovered so that they don’t > become lost. Many Near Earth Asteroids are being detected by the > surveys and given preliminary designations but their orbit > determination is too poor to find them again at their next > opposition. I just did a quick check of all NEAs discovered in 2006 > (a year picked randomly but intended to be far enough back for some > follow up observations to have occurred since then). The median > data arc for all NEAs discovered in 2006 is only 34 days. Roughly a > quarter have orbit uncertainty codes of 8 or 9 (0-9 log scale where > 0 is good). > > > Josh Hopkins > > > From: Yan Fernandez [] > Sent: Thursday, December 30, 2010 8:51 PM > To: > Subject: EXTERNAL: [SBAG Population Identification & > Characterization] population section draft of roadmap due on Jan 14 > > > Hi everyone -- It's time to start thinking again about the 'population > identification and characterization' section of the SBAG Roadmap. > > When we last left this back in August, I presented to SBAG a brief > outline of our section. I'm attaching that presentation to refresh > everyone's memory. It's a short PDF. > > The outline upon which this SBAG presentation was based is online > (at ), > but this is the outline from July 28. So it's a bit old. I've taken > that outline and updated it, expanding it a bit, and incorporating > the comments that were sent to me in July and the comments I got > from the SBAG meeting participants. The new, updated outline -- > dated December 31 -- is attached. Let's consider this the current > version. > > The next step is to convert this outline into a real document. So > right now I'm asking for volunteers to tackle various parts. If > you have a desire to write or help write some fraction of the > document, let the group know --- and please let us know soon! > > The section draft is due on January 14, ie. only about 2 weeks away. > Then the draft will be open for community discussion until the next > SBAG meeting in the end of the month. I'm scheduled to give a talk > at that meeting about our section on January 25. > > Thanks! > --Yan > > < span style='font-family:"Helvetica","sans-serif"'>--Dr. Yan > Fernandez, Asst. Prof. of AstronomyDepartment of Physics, > University of Central, http:// > > > -- Dr. Yan Fernandez, Asst. Prof. of Astronomy Department of Physics, University of Central Florida,

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