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Subject: another draft of
Author: Yan Fernandez <>
Date: 02-Feb-2011 19:31:23
Hello everyone -- Attached please find the February-2nd version of the Roadmap ID and characterization draft. It incorporates comments that I received before and during the SBAG meeting last week. To all that sent me text and suggestions: Thanks!, and don't be annoyed if I re-massaged your comments. The main thing that the SBAG meeting crowd suggested we add was a matrix that compares how various small-body characterizations fit in to various NASA objectives. That's the new section 3, and it's totally blank right now except for a place holder sentence. Anyone want to dive in and take a stab at it? There are of course other subsections still be added, mainly in section 5, the summary of characterization. Feel free to pipe up and volunteer to add some bits! I don't know when the next big deadline is for the Roadmap, but presumably we should keep it in our minds and try to complete the draft in the near future. We're actually not that far from having an entirely-filled in document.... Thanks everyone --Yan -- Dr. Yan Fernandez, Asst. Prof. of Astronomy Department of Physics, University of Central Florida,

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