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Subject: Science Issues Update
Author: Josep Maria Trigo <>
Date: 12-Nov-2010 11:21:56
Nuth, Joseph A. (GSFC-6900) wrote: >To all on the Science Issues Listserver, >We have had several volunteers so far, most of whom responded almost immediately to my request. We obviously need more, but this is a great start. Interestingly enough, these volunteers duplicated topics in their requests, so I chose the lead author for the topic by the time stamp of their email and/or by their own wording. In the cases below, the first person listed is the lead while the second should provide text to the lead especially for areas they feel are important. Email addresses were included to facilitate contact. > >While each subtopic should be concise, there is currently no official page limit. However, in a practical sense a ROADMAP should not be an exhaustive encyclopedia. One option is to concisely address the issues in the main text, but include a more extensive writeup as an appendix to the Science Issues section. Unless Mark Sykes vetos that idea, that will be the venue for any extensive discussions of current controversies that anyone wants to include in the Issues Section with a short summary included in the Roadmap itself. > > >• Meteorites, IDPs and Returned Samples >• Short and Long-Period Comets > > Hi Joe et al., Thanks for your open call. I'd like to help you with the meteorites, IDPs and returned samples' section. As you know, I'm focused in solar system primitive materials and participating in some future sample-return missions. I would also help someone with the comets, and Centaurs sections. All the best, *************************************************** Dr. Josep M. Trigo-Rodríguez Tenured Scientist CSIC Institute of Space Sciences (CSIC-IEEC) Campus UAB, Sciences Faculty Tower C-5, even, 2ond floor 08193 Bellaterra (Barcelona), SPAIN Homepage: E-mail: Telephone: +34-935814778 ; Fax: +34-935814363 ***************************************************

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