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Subject: Progress Report on Science Issues
Author: Mark V. Sykes <>
Date: 21-Jan-2011 19:21:39
Greetings All - Joe will be leading the discussion on the chapter of SBAG's Roadmap for Small Bodies Exploration covering science issues at our SBAG 4 meeting next week in DC on Tuesday, January 25, at 1:45 PM Eastern. The purpose of the Roadmap is to "be a living document laying out where we are, where we want to go and what is needed to get there in the exploration of small bodies. It will be updated with the availability of new studies, such as the decadal survey, and new discoveries. This should be a primary source document for the future of small bodies robotic and human exploration by NASA. The generation and maintenance of the document is open to community participation." This draft is a starting point, so chew on it and let's talk Tuesday. If you will not be in DC, you can join by Webex. Instructions are at Mark --------------------------------------------------- Mark V. Sykes, Ph.D., J.D., CEO and Director Planetary Science Institute 1700 E. Fort Lowell, Suite 106 Tucson, AZ 85719 520-622-6300 ----- Original Message ----- > Dear SBAG Science Issues Team, > Attached is the current draft of the Science Issues Section - and it > is truly a draft. It has most, but not all, sections written in some > form. Most have references, but some do not (or the references are not > yet included). While I was initially intending to put all of the > references at the end of the Road Map, I believe that it is easier on > a reader if the references follow the specific section - and so I now > intend to leave both the references as well as any supplemental > information at the end of each section. > > In one case (main belt asteroids) I very roughly spliced a well > written section by Andy Rivkin, Julie Castillo-Rogez and Olivier > Barnouin together with another excellent discussion of Astrobiology & > asteroids written by Dante Lauretta and Carl Hergenrother that had > been written as a white paper for the Planetary Decadal Survey. In > fact, I also butchered a white paper written by Hal Weaver and Karen > Meech on Comets for the Decadal Survey to complete a draft of the > section on Comets for this Road Map. > > The section on Centaurs and TNOs and that on Small Bodies in the Oort > Cloud are not yet written. From my perspective I may butcher another > white paper on Centaurs and TNOs submitted to the Decadal Survey if a > volunteer author does not step forward to do a better job before the > meeting on January 26. I am also thinking that we could eliminate the > section on Small Bodies in the Oort Cloud unless someone explains how > they differ from Comets in some substantial way. > > At the moment I have purposely not been a heavy handed editor mostly > because much of this has been written by volunteers and I am grateful > for their help in putting this together. In addition, I wanted to see > which formats and styles seem to work better for this task. So while I > have enforced some uniformity of content on the effort, the individual > sections vary greatly in specificity and detail. We can discuss what > seems to work best at the upcoming meeting. > > Finally, my sincere thanks to all of those who contributed text. What > I might have done to their excellent contributions is not the fault of > the authors, so don't blame them for my meat-axe style of editing. > Feel free to get back to me with any constructive comments or > criticisms and we might have a revised edition out before the meeting. > > Thanks in advance for your help, > Joe > > Dr. Joseph A. Nuth III > Senior Scientist for Primitive Bodies > Solar System Exploration Division, Code 690 > NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center > Greenbelt MD 20771 USA > > telephone 301-286-9467 > fax 301-286-1683 > e-mail

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