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Subject: "Final" Science section of the SBAG Roadmap as of 8/11/11
Author: Joseph A. (GSFC-6900) Nuth <>
Date: 15-Aug-2011 19:21:33

Dear All,

Attached is the current “final” version of the SBAG Science Issues Roadmap that we will discuss at the meeting.   It is constructed so that it should be easy to maintain as a “living document.”  Note that any specific section can be changed out without affecting the remainder of the document and it should also be possible to parse the document down to the finer details if we believe that to be necessary by simply adding a section on whatever might be missing and possibly editing the section where this item had previously resided.  Volunteers are always welcome to contact me about revising the current document.  As a general rule however, I would like to use the previous authors of the specific “chapters” as referees for any updated versions.  First, this will minimize wholesale changes in emphasis and loss of valuable information.  Second, this will keep these sections as more or less consensus documents rather than the opinions of single individuals or groups.  Where there is controversy it needs to be acknowledged, but not by rapid swings in the content. 


Any comments – or suggestions for new sections, revisions, etc., - by someone willing to do the writing, will always be welcomed.



Dr. Joseph A. Nuth III

Senior Scientist for Primitive Bodies

Solar System Exploration Division, Code 690

NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center

Greenbelt MD 20771 USA


telephone 301-286-9467

fax 301-286-1683



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