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Subject: Draft Theory Chapter for Small Bodies
Author: Ludmilla Kolokolova <>
Date: 21-Jan-2011 19:31:41
Mark, I wonder if "theory" means only the theory of formation and evolution of small bodies as this is in the current Roadmap. It seems to me that if Roadmap is "a primary source document for the future of small bodies robotic and human exploration by NASA" then the theoretical basis of remote sensing, i.e. theory of dust and regolith particles interaction with electromagnetic radiation, should be there too. Ludmilla ============================================================================== Ludmilla Kolokolova Planetary Data System Group Department of Astronomy Rm. 2337, Computer and Space Science Bldg. University of Maryland College Park, MD, 20742 Tel. (301) - 405 - 1539 Fax. (301) - 405 - 3538 ==============================================================================

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