Lunar and Planetary Institute

Dr. Justin Filiberto

Visiting Scientist

Research Interests

My research focuses on experimental investigations into igneous petrology focusing mainly on the effect of volatiles (water, chlorine, fluorine, etc).  My current project investigates the effects of halogens on phase equilibria and degassing.  With an emphasis on what complexes with halogens in the basaltic melt and the degassed fluid phase trying to connect degassed fluids and brines with the compositions of salts on the surface of Mars.
I am also interested in the effects of water on phase equilibria, liquidus temperatures, and liquid line of descent.  Water can have a huge impact on the liquidus temperatures needed to generate basalt in the mantle and better experimentally based models are needed to investigate the effects of pressure and composition on such models.  Furthermore, the SNC meteorites do not contain large quantities of water currently but do contain hydrous minerals suggesting they have degassed.  If this is the case what are the effects of small amounts of water on phase relations in these systems.

Another research topic I am interested in is investigating terrestrial analogs of planetary basalts.  I have focused on ferropicrites which are terrestrial analogs to the shergottites.  The petrologic history and chemistry of the ferropicrites can help constrain the petrologic origin of the shergottites as well as their source region characteristics.


  • Non-endloaded piston-cylinder apparatus (Depths of the Earth); sample assembly preparation
  • 1-bar Deltech gas mixing furnace
  • Micro-FTIR analysis for water; sample preparation
  • electron microprobe analysis, light element analysis
  • preparation of volatile-bearing synthetic mixes
  • Geological software, QUILF, MELTS, IGPET, KWARE-MAGMA
  • synchrotron micro-XANES (Fe) analysis for Fe2+/Fe3+


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September 1, 2009