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Scientific Staff Highlights Archive



July 2011


LPI Science News

The NLSI-CLSE Lunar Exploration Summer Intern Program (led by LPI Sr. Staff Scientist D. Kring) concluded with briefings to the LPI staff, representatives of the JSC Astromaterials Research and Exploration Science division, the JSC Analog Integration division, the Lunar Destinations component of the NASA Human Spaceflight Architecture Team, and the JSC Astronaut Office.


LPI Sr. Staff Scientist D. Kring received a NASA Group Achievement Award for his role in the 2010 Desert RATS Science Team, which simulated the hardware and operational components of a 28-day-long mission to the Malapert Massif region of the Moon.

Submitted Grants

W. Keifer, Co-I to MFR: The Density and Porosity of Martian Crustal Materials

Center for Lunar Science and Exploration (NLSI)

A CLSE-sponsored high school science research team won second place in a competition among poster presentation at the annual NASA Lunar Science Institute Forum at the NASA Ames Research Center.


G. Kramer Co-organizing International Workshop on Lunar Swirls, September 7, 2011. Also Co-convened the Lunar Grad Con at NASA Ames July 17, 2011.

Invited Presentations

G. Kramer, Invited speaker at NLSI Forum, NASA Ames July 21, 2011.

LPI Science Staff Research Progress - July 2011 - Accepted for Publication

Ruiz, J., P. J. McGovern, A. Jiménez-Díaz,  V. López, J.-P. Williams, B. C. Hahn, and R. Tejero, “The thermal evolution of Mars as constrained by paleo-heat flows,” Icarus, in press, 2011.

Abramov, O., S.M. Wong, and D.A. Kring, Differential Melt Scaling for Oblique Impacts on the Earth, Moon, and Mars, Meteor. Planet. Sci., 2011.