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July 2012



The 2012 LPI Summer Interns lead by P. Spudis and D. Draper.  Each intern participate in peer-reviewed research, learn from top-notch planetary scientists, and preview various careers in science, such as areas in the Lunar Science and Exploration, Planetary Remote Sensing and Spectroscopy, Image Processing, Planetary Geology and Surface Processes, Impact Studies, Geophysical Data Analysis and Modeling, Physics and Chemistry of Planetary Atmospheres, Meteorites and Sample Analysis, Interplanetary Dust and Presolar Grains, and  Mineralogy/Petrology.  LPI Interns presented their results at the 28th Annual Summer Conference.

The 2012 Lunar Exploration Interns, led by D. Kring.  The interns were exposed to several seminars and briefings that are designed to broaden a student’s exposure to lunar science and exploration issues.  At the end of the program the team presented their findings identified future lunar landing sites to address Concept 2.


S. Clifford was a  Visiting Scientist, June 26 – July 31, 2012, joint appointment with two labs: IDES (Interactions et Dynamique des Environnements de Surface (IDES), Université Paris Sud, Orsay, France and Laboratoire Atmosphères, Milieux, Observations Spatiales (LATMOS), Guyancourt, France.  

1. Analysis of Mars orbital remote sensing data (radar and imagery) to assess the evidence for a former ocean in the northern plains (IDES).  

2. Worked on the development of the WISDOM ground-penetrating radar for the 2018 ESA ExoMars Rover (LATMOS).

Invited Seminar

S. Clifford, Scientific and Ethical Considerations in the Search for Life in Planetary Environments, IDES (Interactions et Dynamique des Environnements de Surface (IDES), Université Paris Sud, Orsay, France.

W. S. Kiefer,  "Science Objectives for a Venus High Temperature Seismometer", July 24, invited seminar for the Innovation Forum, NASA Glenn Research Center, Cleveland OH


S. Clifford had a TV interview on August 6, with KPRC Morning Show, On Curiosity Landing.


W. S. Kiefer,  "Lunar Interior Structure", July 3 for LPI-JSC Lunar Exploration Interns
W. S. Kiefer,  "Exploring Mars: The Inside Story", July 10 for LPI teacher workshop "Mars Revealed: Evolving Technology, Advancing Science"
W. S. Kiefer,  "Density and Porosity of Lunar Feldspathic Rocks and Implications for Lunar Gravity Modeling", July 13 for Lunar Highland Crust Conference, Bozeman MT