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Scientific Staff Highlights Archive



November 2012



D. A. Kring GSA PGD Distinguished Service Award (2012)

Submitted Proposal

O. White, PI to Outer Planets Research entitled "Geologic and Thermal History of a Nearly Active Icy Moon: An Integrated Mapping Strategy for Dione."

Review Panel

B. Sharpton, O. White, A. Fagan, and G. Kramer, were part of the review panel for Planetary Geology and Geophysics, from the 13th to 16th November.


D. A. Kring and D. D. Durda (editors) “A Global Lunar Landing Site Study to Provide the Scientific Context for Exploration of the Moon”, LPI Contribution No. 1694, Lunar and Planetary Institute, Houston, TX, 688 p., 2012.

T. Usui,  C. M.O'D. Alexander, J. Wang, J. I. Simon, J. H. Jones. “Origin of water and mantle–crust interactions on Mars inferred from hydrogen isotopes and volatile element abundances of olivine-hosted melt inclusions of primitive shergottites,”

J. Burns, D. A. Kring, and J. Lazio "A First Trip to the Far Side of the Moon" Space News International, 5 November 2012, pp. 17 and 19.