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Scientific Staff Highlights Archive



February 2013


Lunar and Planetary Science Conference (LPSC) Career Development Award

O. White and G. Kramer served on the LPSC committee and judged applications for the 6th LPSC Career Development award.

LPSC Program Committee

W. Kiefer, G. Kramer, B. Sharpton, P. Schenk, A. Treiman, R. Potter, O. White, and A. Needham served on the LPSC Program Committee.


G. Kramer "Spectral and photogeologic mapping of Schrödinger Basin and implications for post-South Pole-Aitken impact deep subsurface stratigraphy" accepted and published online in Icarus (printing in March).

Accepted Papers

White, O.L., P.M. Schenk, and A.J. Dombard (2013) Impact basin relaxation on Rhea and Iapetus and relation to past flow.  Icarus, in press, accepted Jan 18th 2013.


G. Kramer "The Basalts of Mare Frigoris" at SELENE Symposium in Tokyo, Japan

W. Kiefer “GRAIL Explores the Moon’s Interior” for the Dept. of Geology and the Dept. of Physics and Astronomy at Texas Christian University, January 31, 2013


W. Kiefer “Exploring Mars with the Curiosity and Opportunity Rovers” for the University of Houston Mars Rover Celebration, January 26, 2013