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Scientific Staff Highlights Archive



March 2013



P. Spudis, gave talk on “Water on the Moon” to Physics Seminar class, UH-Clear Lake, Feb. 14, 2013


W. Keifer, Feb 5 and Feb 6: “Next Stop, Mars!” and “Exploring Mars with the Curiosity and Opportunity Rovers”, for LPI’s Explore: Life on Mars? education workshop at Arizona State University.

W. Keifer Feb 7: The Thermal and Volcanic Evolution of Mars, at Earth Sciences Dept., Rice University


W. Keifer and P. McGovernparticipated in the GRAIL science team meeting, Feb 18-19, Irvine CA


O. L. White, P.M. Schenk, and A.J. Dombard (2013) Impact basin relaxation on Rhea and Iapetus and relation to past flow.  Icarus, 223, pp. 699-709, doi:10.1016/j.icarus.2013.01.013.

LPSC Career Development Award

O. White and G. Kramer reviewed applications for the LPSC Career Development Award.