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September 2013


Conclusion of LPI Lunar Exploration Intern Program, 2013

The LPI’s second annual Lunar Exploration Summer Intern Program finished on August 8th.  Each student presented their research project of current interest in lunar and planetary science.


W     .  S. Kiefer, . W. K. Potter, P. J. McGovern, G. S. Collins, and D. A. Kring, Thermal Evolution of Lunar Impact Basins and Implications for Mascon Formation, presented at the Conference on Large Meteorite Impacts and Planetary Evolution, abstract 3009, August 2013.

Using LPI funding V. A. Valencia, K. Righter, J. Rosas-Elguera, M. Lo´pez-Martı´nez, and M. Grove "The age and composition of the pre-Cenozoic basement of the Jalisco Block: implications for and relation to the Guerrero composite terrane"


W. Kiefer and P. McGovern participated in the GRAIL science team meeting, August 21-22, 2013.


W. S. Kiefer, GRAIL Explores the Moon’s Interior, invited seminar, Dept. Earth Science, Rice University, August 29, 2013.


O. White, talk at AMES, on August 1st.  “Crater Relaxation on the Saturnian Mid-Sized Icy Satellites and its Relation to their Thermal Histories”