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Scientific Staff Highlights Archive



January 2014


Invited Talk

W. Kiefer, “Mars: The Inside Story”, an EPO talk for librarians attending the “Explore Mars” workshop at the launch of NASA’s Maven mission, November 15, 2013.


W. Kiefer, “Mantle Plumes and Geologically Recent Volcanism on Mars”, abstract DI21A-2263, presented at the Fall American Geophysical Union, San Francisco CA, December 20, 2013.

N. Le Corvec, P. J. McGovern, E. Grosfils, "Effects of mechanical layering on magmatic reservoir failure and magma propagation within the Venusian lithosphere." AGU Fall Meeting, 2013, abstract #V13E-2659. Poster presentation


N. LeCorvec co-convened the topical Session “Mechanisms of magma ascent and emplacement” at AGU Fall Meeting 2013


G. Kramer, Stratified ejecta boulders as indicators of layered plutons on the Moon Kickapoo Lunar Research Team, Icarus 228 (2014) p.141–148

A. Germa, L. J. Connor, E. Cañon-Tapia, and N. LeCorvec "Tectonic and magmatic controls on the location of post-subduction monogenetic volcanoes in Baja California, Mexico, revealed through spatial analysis of eruptive vents,  Bulletin of Volcanology, 75, 12, 1-14


G. Kramer was interviewed about "Stratified ejecta boulders as indicators of layered plutons on the Moon," Kickapoo Lunar Research Team, publication and project featured in Science Magazine on Dec. 6, 2013, page 2.

G. Kramer was interviewed for NPR's Marketwatch Tech Report about China's mission to the Moon, Chang'e 3. Aired on Dec. 13.