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Science at LPI

The science at the Lunar and Planetary Institute is focused on the formation, evolution, and current state of our solar system through analysis of data and samples obtained through NASA’s long history of missions and exploration.  Our current major research topics include the origin and evolution of the early solar system; petrology and geochemistry of planetary materials and volatiles; planetary interiors, volcanism, and tectonism; and impact cratering.

  Research Foci

Lunar Science and Exploration

Resources to support the scientific research and exploration strategy of the Moon

Center for Lunar Science and Exploration

The Center for Lunar Science and Exploration is part of the NASA Lunar Science Institute and is designed to investigate lunar science issues, develop strategies for future lunar exploration, and train a new community of talent that will be needed to assure the success of the Constellation Program.

  Staff Highlights Archive


M. Schmieder paper was published in Meteoritics & Planetary Science The two Suvasvesi impact structures, Finland: Argon isotopic evidence for a “false” impact crater doublet

P.J. McGovern, M.R. Kirchoff, O.L. White, and P.M. Schenk article was published in Science Direct Magma ascent pathways associated with large mountains on Io.

D. Kring was published in Lunar and Planetary Informaiton Bulletin, Chicxulub Crater, Twenty-Five Years Later.


M. Schmieder was article was mentioned in Iltalehti The study showed Kuopio Suvasvesi craters generated from two different collision - "the atom bomb would have been the second", Kuusta Blog “ Suvasvesi craters age difference of more than 600 million years”, and Savon Sanomat “ Suvasvedellä sittenkin kaksi törmäystä: paineaalto olisi laittanut Kuopion matalaksi

M. Schmieder article was in Dossier pour la Science, “ A Cataclysm in French.

P. Spudis was mentioned in an article by The Telegraph "Steam-powered spacecraft could help humans colonise the Moon.



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