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Laurel Kirkland
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Where and When:
This open meeting will be held during the Fall AGU conference, Dec 9th, 2002, 2:30-6:30, one block from the conference site, at the San Francisco Marriott hotel "Sierra C" room.
The registration fee is $10, which is waived for students.
If attending, please email your name and affiliation for a logistics tally and for name tags.

Purpose and Scope:
This workshop is open to all interested researchers.
We will focus on:
1. Terrestrial field data/research
2. Transfer of private spectral data bases into the public domain
3. Foundation needed for reviewers of potential 2009 rover instruments


Visible-infrared spectral data of Mars provide critical information for geologic and climatic interpretations, and to select landing sites. However, three issues are combining to create a new situation for the Mars visible-infrared spectral community:
1) We face a more rapid influx of new data sets than the community has previously handled. Fielding them effectively will require some community coordination.

2) Decisions for follow-on missions build on interpretations from recent, preceding missions. This requires development of more rapid interpretation methods and improved understanding of the uncertainties.

3) Future flight instrument selections now rely on predictions of the information content of intermediate, future data sets. This increases the reliance on accurate predictions of the information that planned data sets will provide.
Capabilities in those areas are limited to the quality of the supporting public spectral data bases. Primary gaps were identified at an open community workshop at LPI in June 2002. The gaps hinder development of rapid interpretation methods and significantly increase the uncertainties. Closing these gaps will require some community coordination.


Participants in three break-out groups will address:
1.What additional public terrestrial analog spectral data sets (field, airborne) are most needed to support timely interpretations of current and planned data sets of Mars? Additional details.

2. What are the most time-critical studies needed to improve the foundation for reviewers of potential 2009 rover visible-infrared spectral instruments? Additional details.

3.What is needed to motivate and facilitate the transfer of private spectral data bases (laboratory, field, airborne, and telescopic) into the public domain? Details and documents.

Information/submissions to aid this initiative are welcome and will be added to the workshop site.
For logistics information, to list topics for discussion, or to receive notices by email, please contact Laurel Kirkland
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