Eugene M. Shoemaker
Impact Cratering Award

Helping the Endowment Grow

Because of the tremendous generosity of Dr. Carolyn Shoemaker, the endowment fund was large enough for the Planetary Geology Division to make the first student award in 1999. However, the division continues to solicit donations to the fund so that it will remain healthy and, ideally, grow so that it can be used to support additional student activities. If you would like to make a gift in Gene Shoemaker's memory and to support students, then please make a check out to

The GSA Foundation - Shoemaker Fund

and mail it to

GSA Foundation
P.O. Box 9140
Boulder, CO 80301.

If you have any questions about gifts for this fund, please feel free to contact the GSA Foundation or any of the officers of the Planetary Geology Division of GSA.

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Last Updated: March 9, 1999
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