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Qingsong Li (李青松)

Postdoctoral Fellow

Lunar and Planetary Institute

Universities Space Research Association

3600 Bay Area Blvd.

Houston, Texas77058

My research focuses on understanding the dynamic processes in the lithosphere and mantle of the earth and other planets. Specifically, I study how the dynamic processes in the lithosphere have influenced the short term and long term crust deformation. The study is tightly related with earthquake hazard assessment. Moreover, I studythe mantle convection and mantle plume on Mars, constraining convection vigor with geological and geophysical observations.


Numerical computation is the main tool in my research. I have run numerical simulations of lithosphere deformation, fault slip, earthquake cycles, and mantle convection on both Beowulf clusters and super computers. The codes I used include a 3D parallel visco-elasto-plastic finite element code (written by myself and coworkers), SCAM, CitCom, and CitComS.


However, my research is not limited in numerical computation. Rather it mostly consists of collecting and integrating observational data from different disciplines, including geodesy, geochemistry, geology and geophysics.