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Dr. Julianne I. Moses
Planetary Science

Space Science Institute
4750 Walnut St, Suite 205
Boulder, CO 80301


My primary research focus is on theoretical investigations of physical and chemical processes in planetary atmospheres, with a particular emphasis on photochemical modeling of planetary and satellite atmospheres, aerosol formation and microphysics, upper atmospheres/aeronomy, and atmosphere-surface interactions. I am currently investigating the possibility and consequences of photochemistry and haze production in extrasolar giant planets, brown dwarfs, and giant planets within our own solar system. I am also examining the possible sources, total influx rate, and photochemical implications of the influx of external material into giant-planet atmospheres; comparing photochemical models of the giant planets with observational data in an attempt to understand physical and chemical processes taking place in the stratospheres and tropospheres of these planets; and modeling the photochemistry of possible volcanic atmospheres on Io.

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May 30, 2013