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Scientific Staff
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The scientific staff consists of acknowledged experts in their fields and includes ten staff scientists,thirty visiting scientists, ten postdoctoral fellows, and four graduate fellows.


Staff Scientist

Dr. Stephen Mackwell, Director
Dr. Stephen M. Clifford
Dr. Walter S. Kiefer
Dr. David A. Kring
Dr. Patrick J. McGovern
Dr. Paul M. Schenk
Dr. Virgil L. Sharpton
Dr. Paul D. Spudis
Dr. Allan H. Treiman

Visiting Scientists

Dr. David C. Black

Ms. Nancy Ann Budden
Dr. Paul Byrne

Dr. Lisa Danielson

Dr. Rajdeep Dasgupta

Dr. Dave Draper
Dr. Gerald Galgana

Dr. Cyrena Goodrich

Dr. Juliane Gross

Dr. Trudi Hoogenboom

Dr. Debra Hurwitz

Dr. Motoo Ito

Dr. Georgiana Kramer

Dr. Jeremie Lasue

Dr. Cin-Ty Lee

Dr. Jancy McPhee

Dr. Etienne Medard

Dr. Julianne I. Moses
Dr. Clive Neal
Dr. Andrew Needham

Dr. Takafumi Niihara

Dr. Marc Norman

Dr. Teemu Öhman

Dr. Jisun Park
Dr. Timothy Peters

Dr. Anne Pommier
Dr. Ross Potter
Dr. Jennifer Rapp

Dr. Kevin Righter

Dr. Mark Robinson

Dr. Constantin Sandu
Dr. Susanne Schwenzer

Dr. Stephanie Shipp

Dr. Yann Sonzogni

Dr. Kyusei Tsuno

Dr. Faith Vilas

Dr. Oliver White
Dr. Axel Wittmann

Postdoctoral Fellows

Dr. Patricia Craig

Dr. Jangmi Han

Dr. Nicolas Le Corvec
Dr. Martin Schmieder

Dr. Francesca Scipioni
Dr. Barry Shaulis

Scientists in Residence During the Last Five Years

Dr. Oleg Abramov

Dr. Emily CoBabe-Amman

Dr. Stephen Baloga

Dr. Yolanda Cedillo Flores
Dr. Qi Fu

Dr. Erica Jawan
Dr. Katherine Joy

Dr. Keiji Misawa

Dr. Amanda Nahm
Dr. Minako Righter

Dr. Tomohiro Usui

Dr. Channon Visscher




Scientific Staff listed by Areas of Research


Science Staff Register

Scientists, visitors, and interns listed by year of appointment.