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Dr. Allan H. Treiman
Senior Staff Scientist

Lunar and Planetary Institute
3600 Bay Area Boulevard
Houston, TX 77058
E-mail: treiman(at)
Phone: 281-486-2117
Fax: 281-486-2162



  • The Moon
    • Lunar volatiles
    • Lunar highlands plutonic and metamorphic rocks.
  • Mars
    • Martian Meteorites
      • Aqueous alteration and Martian crustal waters.
      • Volatiles (especially water and halogens) in Martian magmas.
      • Igneous Petrogenesis
    • Martian Mineralogy
      • Co-I for the CheMin instrument on MSL 09.
  • Venus
    • Surface-atmosphere chemical interactions.
    • Co-I on Venus mission proposals.
    • Venus Geochemistry Workshop.
    • Treiman A.H. (2007) Geochemistry of Venus' surface: Current limitations as future opportunities. In "Exploring Venus as a Terrestrial Planet," AGU Monograph Series 176, 7-22. Preprint.
  • Asteroidal Meteorites
    • Volatiles in LAP 04840.
    • Eucrite Basalts and Cumulates.


Gross J. and Treiman A.H. (2012) Lunar feldspathic meteorites: Constraints on the geology of the lunar farside highlands, and the origin of the lunar crust. Second Lunar Highlands Conf. LPI, Abstract #9021.

Treiman A.H., and Gross J. (2012) Abundant apatite in granulite 79215: Spoor of another volatile-rich lunar fluid. Lunar Planet. Sci. 43, Abstract #1223.

Treiman A.H., and Gross J. (2012) Lunar cordierite-spinel troctolite: Igneous history and volatiles. Lunar Planet. Sci. 43, Abstract #1196.

Gross J., Treiman A.H., and Mercer C. (2012) Sinking the lunar magma ocean: Meteoritic evidence and the return of serial magmatism Lunar Planet. Sci. 43, Abstract #2306.

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Cl Robinson K.L., Treiman A.H., and Joy K.L. (2012) Basaltic fragments in lunar highlands meteorites: Connecting sample analyses to orbital remote sensing. Meteoritics and Planetary Science 47, 387-399.


PurpleSpinel Gross J., and Treiman A.H. (2011) Unique spinel-rich anorthositic troctolite in lunar meteorite ALHA81005: Origin and possible connection to M3 observations of the farside highlands.Journal of Geophysical Research 116. E10009, Reprint.


Sapas Mons Treiman A.H., and Bullock M.A. (2011) Mineral reaction buffering of Venus' atmosphere: A thermochemical constraint and implications for Venus-like planets. Icarus 217, 534-541. Reprint.



BoringGraph Treiman A.H., and Essene E.J. (2011) Chemical Composition of Magnetite in Martian Meteorite Allan Hills 84001: Thermochemistry of Phases in Fe-Mg-C-O and Equilibria Between Fe-Mg Carbonate and Magnetite. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 75, 5234-5335 Link.


Cl Gross J., Treiman A.H., Filiberto J., and Herd C.D.K. (2011) Primitive olivine-phyric shergottite NWA 5789: Petrography, mineral chemistry and cooling history imply a magma similar to Yamato 980459. Meteoritics and Planetary Science 46, 116-133. Link.


Sapas Mons Smrekar S.E., Stofan E.R., Mueller N., Treiman A., Elkins-Tanton L., and Helbert J. (2010) Evidence for recent hotspot volcanism on Venus and implications for resurfacing and weathering. Science 328, 605-608. Link.


mggranul Treiman A.H., Maloy A.K., and Shearer C.K. Jr. (2010) Magnesian anorthositic granulites in lunar meteorites in lunar meteorites Allan Hills 81005 and Dhofar 309: Geochemistry and global significance Meteoritics and Planetary Science 45, 163-180. Link.


Cl Filiberto J., Musselwhite D., Gross J., Burgess K., and Treiman A.H. (2010) Experimental petrology, crystallization history, and parental magma characteristics of olivine-phyric shergottite NWA 1068: Implications for the petrogenesis of 'enriched' olivine-phyric shergottites. Meteoritics and Planetary Sciences 45, 1258-1270. Link.


gusevcl Filiberto J., and Treiman A.H. (2009) The effect of chlorine on the liquidus of basalt: First results, and implications for basalt genesis on Mars and Earth. Chemical Geology 263, 60-68. Preprint.

July 27, 2012