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Quartz veinlet in Serra de Mage cumulate eucrite. Veinlet is 100 micrometers across. Crossed polars illumination.

Dr. Allan H. Treiman
Curriculum Vitae

Awards and Patent
Administration and Service

    Ph.D., Igneous Petrology, University of Michigan, 1982. Dissertation: "The Oka Carbonatite Complex, Quebec: Aspects of Carbonatite Petrogenesis."Advisor: Dr. E. J. Essene. 

    M.S., Metamorphic Geology, Stanford University, 1977. Thesis: "Precambrian Geology of the Ojo Caliente Quadrangle, Rio Arriba and Taos Counties, New Mexico." Advisor: Dr. R. H. Jahns.  On line!

    B.A. magna cum laude, Physical Chemistry, Pomona College, 1974. 

    Associate Director for Science, Lunar and Planetary Institute, 2007–present. 
    Senior Staff Scientist, Lunar and Planetary Institute, 1998–present. 
    Staff Scientist, Lunar and Planetary Institute, 1993–1998. 
    Principal Scientist, Lockheed Engineering and Sciences Co., 1993. 
    N.R.C. Senior Associate, NASA-Johnson Space Center, 1991–1992. 
    Crystal Synthesis Contractor, ALEM Associates, 1990 (half-time). 
    Engineering Geologist, Stone Products Consultants Inc. 1990 (half-time). 
    Assistant Professor of Geology, 1985–1990, Boston University. 
    Research Associate, 1983–1985, University of Arizona. 
    Research Assistant, 1981–1982, University of Michigan. 
    Field Geologist, 1974, Buttes Gas & Oil Co., Oakland, CA. 
  • *Support for the CheMin Mineralogical Instrument During the Mars Science Laboratory. MSL mission, Phase E. 2011-2015, ~40% salary during active mission.  
  • *Impact Processes in the Origin and Evolution of the Moon: New Sample-driven Perspectives. NLSI Institute Proposal from LPI/USRA, 2009 - 2014. P.I. is D. Kring. Treiman is a co-I at ~ 10% salary.  
  • *Acid Fog on Mars II. Treiman is P.I., from NASA Mars Fundamental Research Program. Funded 2009-2012 at ~$150,000 per year.  
  • *Early Habitable Environments and the Evolution of Complexity. NASA/Ames node of NASA Astrobiology Institute (NAI). Funded 2009-2013. P.I. is D. DesMarais of NASA Ames; Treiman is a Co-I. @ $40,000/year  
  • *Antarctic Mars Analogue Svalbard Expedition (AMASE) II. NASA Astrobiology Science and Technology for Exploring Planets (ASTEP) Program, renewal 2009-2012. P.I. is Dr. Andrew Steele of the Carnegie Institution of Washington, Treiman is a co-I , funded at ~$15,000/year. 
  • *Petrology of the Lunar Highlands: Lithic Clasts in Lunar Meteorites. NASA Cosmochemistry. 2008-2011 Treiman is P.I., $100,000/year for three years.  
  • *CheMin: An X-ray Diffraction/X-ray Fluorescence (XRD/XRF) instrument for definitive mineralogical analysis in the Analytical Laboratory of MSL. P.I. is D. Blake of NASA Ames; Treiman is a Co-I. @ $12,000/year in Phase C/D. Will, in Phase E, theoretically pay 50%+ salary for two years.  
  • *Linking Our Origins to Our Future. NASA/Ames node of NASA Astrobiology Institute (NAI). Funded 2003-2008. P.I. is D. DesMarais of NASA Ames; Treiman is a Co-I. @ $50,000/year.  
  • Antarctic Mars Analogue Svalbard Expedition (AMASE). NASA Astrobiology Science and Technology for Exploring Planets (ASTEP) Program, 2006-2008. P.I. is Dr. Andrew Steele of the Carnegie Institution of Washington, Treiman is a co-I , funded at ~$50,000/year.  
  • SAGE: Venus Surface and Atmosphere Geochemistry Lander? (New Frontiers Mission). P.I. is Larry Esposito (LASP / Colorado); Treiman is a co-I.  
  • Acid Fog on Mars. Treiman is P.I., from NASA Mars Fundamental Research Program. Funded 2006-2009 at ~$100,000 per year. 
  • Tracking Water In Martian Magmas - Light Lithophile Elements. Treiman is P.I. Funded 2003 - 2005 by NASA Mars Fundamental Research, $80,000 per year. 
  • Water and light lithophile elements In martian magmas. Treiman is P.I. Funded 2002–2004 by NASA Cosmochemistry Program, $30,000 per year). 
  • Biomarkers in Astromaterials. Funded 1998–2003, NASA/JSC node of NASA Astromaterials Institute. P.I. is D. McKay; Treiman is a Co-I. $8,000/year. 
  • A Broker/Facilitator Team for Space Sciences Education and Outreach in the South Central Region. Funded 1997 by NASA Office of Space Sciences. P.I. is D. Herrick of the L.P.I.; Treiman is a Co-I. Renewed 2001. 
  • Minerals and Submicrometer forms as Biomarkers. Funded 1999–2003 by NASA. D. Blake is PI, Treiman is a Co-I at $15,000/year. 
  • Water on Mars: Views from the Martian Meteorites. Treiman is P.I. NASA Planetary Materials and Geochemistry. Funded 1996–2002 by NASA, effective ~$45,000 per year. 
  • Minerals and Submicrometer forms as Biomarkers. Funded 1999–2002 by NASA. D. Blake is PI, Treiman is a Co-I at $15,000/year 
  • Microbes in Silicate Rocks on Earth: Analogues of Extant and Fossil Microbial Habitats on Other Planetary Bodies. Funded 2000–2001 by NASA. M. Fisk is PI, Treiman is a Co-I at ~$10,000/year. 
  • An Evaluation of Biogenicity in ALH 84001. Funded 1997–1998 by NASA Ancient Martian Meteorite Research Program. P.I. was D. Blake of NASA Ames; $8,500 per year. 
  • Technology-based Education Project: Reflection Spectrometer Kit - Engineering and Pre-production. Treiman is P.I. Funded 1996 by NASA, $18,470. 
  • Water-Rock Interactions on Mars: STEM Study of Volatile-rich Alterations in the SNC Meteorites. Two years salary and expenses as Senior Associate from National Research Council, 1991–1993.
  • Kinetics of Thermochemical Gas–Solid Reactions Important in the Venus Atmospheric Sulfur Cycle. Dr. B. Fegley Jr. is P.I.; Treiman is Co-I. Funded by NASA, $30,000 for 1991. 
  • Experimental Investigation of the Solubilities of Lithophile Elements in Pt: A Potential Oxygen Cosmobarometer for the Early Solar Nebula, J.H. Jones is P.I., Treiman is Co-I. Funded by N.A.S.A., $35,000 for 1991.
  • Computer-Aided, Quantitative Analysis of the Textures of Igneous Rocks: A Feasibility Study. Funded 1988 by Boston Univ., $1,995. 
  • Meteoritic Basalts: Experimental Petrology of the Nakhlite and Angra dos Reis Meteorites. Funded 1988 by N.A.S.A., $20,000. 
  • Meteoritic Basalts: The Nakhlites, their Parental Magmas, Cooling Rates, and Equivalents on Earth. Funded 1986–1987 by N.A.S.A., ~$27,500. 
  • Physical and Chemical Conditions during Crystallization of Alkalic Magmas: The Monteregian Hills, Quebec. Funded 1980 by N.S.F., $9,200. N.S.F. Graduate Fellowship, Stanford University, 1975–1977.
  • Fellow of the Meteoritical Society. August, 2003.
  • “Manually Portable Reflectance Spectrometer, U.S. Patent No. 6,043,893.” Hand-held, classroom device to help teach about light, reflectance, and reflectance spectroscopy. Co-Inventor T. Shelfer.
  • Member, NASA - LARS Program Review Panel, October, 2011. 
  • Member, NASA - MDAP Program Review Panel, January, 2011. 
  • Member, NASA - PIDDP Program Review Panel, January, 2009. 
  • Group Chief for Geochemistry, NASA Mars Fundamental Research Program Review Panel, Dec. 2006, 2007. 
  • Member NASA - LSSO Program Review Panel, March., 2006. 
  • Member, NASA Exobiology Program Review Panel, Jan., 2006.  
  • Member, NASA Interdisciplinary Exploration Science Program Review Panel, Oct., 2005. 
  • Member, NASA Mars Fundamental Research Program Review Panel, 2003.  
  • Member, NASA Mars Scout E/PO Program Review Panel, 2003.  
  • Member, Planetary Instrument Definition and Design Program (PIDDP) Review Panel, October, 2002. 
  • Small Mission Explorer (SMEX) Education/Public Outreach Review Panel, March 2002. 
  • Mars Data Analysis NASA MDAP Program Review Panel, April 2001.  
  • Member, NASA Mars Surveyor Lander Science Program Review Panel, 1995. 
  • Member, NASA Lunar and Planetary Geosciences Program Review Panel, 1995. 
Advisory Committees
  • MSL-MAHLI-UV Study group: Lead. Small group to investigate what can be done with the UV fluorescence capability on the MAHLI camera on MSL. Sept. 2010 ongoing.  
  • NRC Decadal Survey: Member of Inner Planets Panel (Mercury, Venus, Moon). June 2009 - October 2010.  
  • Lunar Sample Acquisition and Curation Review Team, Member Nov. 2008 - 2010.  
  • Venus Exploration Analysis Group (VEXAG). Member of Steering Committee. May, 2008 to present.  
  • Venus Science and Technology Definition Team (VSTDT), chair of Geochemistry Sub-group. 2008-2010. Major effort to define parameters for a flagship mission to Venus in 2020 timeframe.  
  • CAPTEM (Curation and Analysis Planning Team for Extraterrestrial Materials), Member, 1997-2002, 2007-present.  
  • MSL'09 Sample Cache Science Definition Group (SC-SDG). Member, June-October, 2007-2008. 
  • Mars Sample Return Roundtable. Science policy and planning for “Ground truth from Mars” workshop. Participant. (Dr. C. Shearer, organizer) 2007.  
  • VEXAG (Venus exploration analysis group). Member, 2005-present. 
  • 1st, 3rd, & 4th “Mars Sample Handling Protocol Workshops” March 200, March 2001, June 2001. 
  • Writing Group “Mars Sample Handling Protocol Workshops,” May, 2001. 
  • CAPTEM (Curation, Analysis, and Planning Team for Extraterrestrial Materials. 1997–2002. 
  • Mars 2003 Science and Instrument Definition Team, 2000. 
  • LIFARS Advisory Committee on Laboratory Instrumentation, 2000. 
  • Mars Surveyor 2001 Science Opportunities Team, JPL, 1998. 
  • COMPLEX “Assesment of NASA’s Mars Exploration Architecture,” National Academy of Sciences, 1998. Invited participant. 
  • Antarctic Meteorite Working Group (NASA), 1994–1997. 
  • Member, Mars Surveyor Lander Science Review Panel (NASA), 1995.

  • Workshop "Second Conference on Lunar Highlands Crust". Planner and organizer. LPI, to be held September, 2012. 
  • Workshop "Venus Geochemistry: Prospects and Missions." Planner and organizer. LPI, February, 2009. 
  • Workshop "Ground Truth from Mars: Science Payoff from a Sample Return Mission," April 2008. Organizing Committee Member. Dr. C. Shearer, organizer. 
  • Workshop "Martian Gullies: Theories and Tests." Initiator, planner, and organizer. LPI, February, 2008. 
  • Workshop "Sulfates as Recorders of Atmospheric-Fluid-Rock Interactions," October 2006. Organizing Committee Member. Dr. J.J. Papike, organizer. 
  • CheMin Instrument Team meeting, Logistics Organizer. LPI, January, 2007. 
  • Organizer, LPI Teacher Training Workshop, 2003. Responsible for all logistics and scientific content.  
  • Co-convenor, Conference on Early Mars, at Lunar and Planetary Institute, April 24–27, 1997. 
  • Co-convenor, Workshop on Evolution of Martian Volatiles; Lunar and Planetary Institute, 1996. 
  • Associate Editor, Meteoritics and Planetary Sciences, 2002 - 2010.
  • LPI-JSC Liaison for Cooperative Efforts, 2003-present.
  • Administrator, LPI Summer Intern Program. Responsible for all planning and logistics. 2003 - 2004.
  • Program Committee for Lunar and Planetary Science Conference, 2009-2006, 2002, 1998, 1996-1994.
  • Manager, invited seminar series: L.P.I. (1994–1996); Solar System Exploration Division, Johnson Space Center (1991–1993). 
  • Manager,International Short Course in Remote Sensing, Center for Remote Sensing, Boston Univ., Summer, 1989. Organized, prepared, scheduled, and managed the lectures, laboratory exercises, and field trips.
  • Organizer, publicdemonstration of lunar and meteorite samples, 1987. Planned, organized, and implemented university-wide display of lunar samples and related space materials. 
  • Leader, consortium study of Martian meteorite LEW88516, 1991–1994. Integrated individual needs for proposal, coordinated distribution of meteorite samples, wrote and integrated text and conclusions for manuscript.
  • Alternate Leader, Science/Payloads Design Team for NASA/JSC effort in support of First Lunar Outpost planning. 1992.
  • Leader, Consortium study of "meteorite" LEW88446, 1991.


  • Academic Conduct Committee, 1989–1990, Boston University. Experience as Chairman.
  • Departmental Recruitment, 1987–1981. More than doubled number of concentrators (10 to 25) by recruitment and retention.
  • Department Undergraduate Advisor, Boston University, 1988–1989. Geology and Environmental Geology Concentrations. Planetary and Space Sciences Concentration (with Astronomy).
  • College Undergraduate Advisor, Boston University, 1986–1990. Undeclared and transfer students. 
September 15, 2011

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