The Venus Exploration Analysis Group

Unveil Venus:  Why is Earth's sister planet so different?

VEXAG was established by NASA in 2005 to identify scientific priorities and opportunities for the exploration of Venus, Earth’s sister planet. The group has an open membership and an 7-person Executive Committee, 3 Focus Groups, and 2 Topical Analysis Groups. Input from the scientific community is actively sought. The VEXAG provides findings to NASA Headquarters, but does not make recommendations. Stay in touch by visiting our Twitter and Facebook pages!

VEXAG Charter

The Venus Exploration Analysis Group is NASA's community-based forum designed to provide scientific input and technology development plans for planning and prioritizing the exploration of Venus over the next several decades. VEXAG is chartered by NASA's Solar System Exploration Division and reports its findings to NASA. Open to all interested scientists, VEXAG regularly evaluates Venus exploration goals, scientific objectives, investigations, and critical measurement requirements, including especially recommendations in the NRC Decadal Survey and the Solar System Exploration Strategic Roadmap.

NOI Request for Venus Small Mission Studies

Guiding Documents

Goals, Objectives and Investigations for Venus Exploration: 2016

Roadmap for Venus Exploration: 2014

Venus Exploration Themes: 2014

Venus Technology Plan: 2014


14th Meeting of the Venus Exploration Analysis Group
November 29 – December 1, 2016, NASA Headquarters, Washington, D.C.
Meeting Summary | Presentations | Findings and Resolutions

Venus Town Hall Meeting and Early Career Scholars Mixer at LPSC
March 23, 2017
Town Hall Presentation | Attendees

Venus Modeling Workshop/Venus Science Priorities for Modeling and Experiments 
May 9–11, 2017, Ohio Aerospace Institute, Cleveland, Ohio

Venera-D Venus Modelling Workshop
October 5–7, 2017, IKI, Moscow Russia
Abstract Deadline – August 1, 2017
Invitation from Ludmila Zasova
Venera-D Joint Science Definition Team Report – January 31, 2017

8th Moscow International Solar System Symposium
October 9–13, 2017
Space Research Institute, Moscow, Russia,
Invitation from Ludmila Zasova
Register at before July 1st, 2017
Abstract due July 10, 2017

15th Meeting of the Venus Exploration Analysis Group
November 14–16, 2017, Applied Physics Laboratory, Laurel, Maryland
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