International Venus Exploration Working Group

Draft Charter
The Focus Group seeks to foster international collaborations, partnerships and coordination regarding exploration of Venus by spacecraft and Earth-based telescope observations.  Composed of international scientists interested in exploration of Venus, the Focus Group will meet at opportunistic meetings such as the DPS/AAS, EPSC, EGU, AGU, COSPAR and IUGG/IAMAS and virtually using the web to exchange ideas and information about international efforts to explore Venus.  The Focus Group will report on the status of the international exploration efforts at VEXAG meetings and telecons.

Initial Membership:
Masato Nakamura, Project Manager, Akatsuki Orbiter (JAXA/ISAS)
Hakan Svedhem, Venus Express Project Scientist (ESA/ESTEC)
A.S. Kiran Kumar, Director, Space Applications Centre, ISRO
W.J. Markiewicz, Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research
Mark Bullock, Southwest Research Institute
Sanjay Limaye, Chair
Colin Wilson, Oxford University
Luidmilla Zasova, Venera-D Project Scientist, IKI



Last updated
March 15, 2012