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VEXAG Goals and Exploration Sites Focus Groups


The Venus Exploration Analysis Group is NASA's community-based forum designed to provide scientific input and technology development plans for planning and prioritizing the exploration of Venus over the next several decades, including a Venus surface sample return. VEXAG is chartered by NASA's Solar System Exploration Division and reports its findings to NASA. Open to all interested scientists, VEXAG regularly evaluates Venus exploration goals, scientific objectives, investigations and critical measurement requirements, including especially recommendations in the NRC Decadal Survey and the Solar System Exploration Strategic Roadmap.


In addition to interested members of the scientific community, each focus group will include technology experts, NASA representatives, international partner representatives, EPO experts, and the chair. The current focus groups are listed below. Other focus groups may be added, as needed.


Executive Committee Member Position/Roles Tenure
Lori Glaze
Goddard Space Flight Center
Chair January 2013–October 2016
Pat Beauchamp
Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Deputy Chair August 2014–October 2015
Tibor Kremic
Glenn Research Center
Lead, Technology Development and Laboratory Measurements Focus Group April 2014–March 2016
Robert Grimm
Southwest Research Institute
At-Large Member February 2013–May 2015
Robert Herrick
University of Alaska, Fairbanks
Lead, Venus Goals and Exploration Sites Focus Group January 2013–May 2015
Lynnae Quick
Goddard Space Flight Center
Lead, Early-Career Scholars Outreach Focus Group June 2014–May 2016
Sanjay Limaye
University of Wisconsin
Past Chair and Lead, International Collaborations Topical Analysis Group January 2013–May 2015
Martha Gillmore
Wesleyan University

Venus Exploration Roadmap Topical Analysis Group March 2014–February 2016
Constantine Tsang
Southwest Research Institute
At-Large Member August 2015–July 2017
Paul Steffes
Georgia Tech
At-Large Member August 2015–July 2017
Noam Izenberg
Applied Physics Lab
At-Large Member August 2015–July 2017



Past VEXAG Co-Chairs (in chronological order)


Janet Luhmann
University of California, Berkeley, California


Sushil Atreya
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan


Ellen Stofan
Proxemy, Inc.


Suzanne Smrekar
JPL, Pasadena, California


Sanjay Limaye
University of Wisconsin, Madison, Wisconsin


Janet Luhmann, and Sushil Atreya, served as VEXAG Co-Chairs since VEXAG was formed in 2005 until November 2009. Ellen Stofan served as VEXAG Chair from November 2007 until spring 2009.


NASA and LPI contacts:


Dr. Adriana Ocampo, NASA Executive Officer for VEXAG
Dr. Thomas W. Thompson, NASA/JPL
Dr. Steve Mackwell, LPI