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Fifth meeting of the Venus Exploration and Analysis Group (VEXAG)



Fifth VEXAG Meeting Overview and Objectives
Ellen Stofan


Status Report and a selection of results from Venus Express

Hakan Svedhem


Present Status of Japanese Venus Climate Orbiter
Masato Nakamura and Takeshi Imamura


Venus-Earth Climate Focus Group
David Grinspoon


Unraveling the atmosphere of Venus, Earth's unlucky twin
Dima Titov


Laboratory Experiments in Support of Venus Science: A Few Suggestions
Alan Tremain


Planetary Science Update and Perspectives on Venus Exploration
Jim Green


Planetary Instrument Definition and Development Program (PIDDP)
John Rall

Venus Flagship Study
Mark Bullock

The Venus Thermosphere and Venus Express
Gerald Keating


Exploring the surface of Venus with VIRTIS on Venus Express
Joern Helbert


Venus Express: Recent Results from NASA Participating Scientists and IDS's
Kevin Baines


Aerobraking at Venus
Dan Lyons

Venus Express Education and Public Outreach
Rosalyn Pertzborn


Remote Raman Spectroscopy and Elastic Lidar Systems
Syed Ismail


D. R. Barber's Invading Bacteria as a Candidate for the Unknown Venusian Ultraviolet Absorber
Bob Fritzius


Instruments in Venus Extreme Environment


Exploring Venus with Robots and Airplanes
Geoffrey Landis


Exploring Venus with Robots and Airplanes Movie
Geoffrey Landis


High Temperature Electronics, and Communications for Venus Missions
G. W. Hunter


XQ-V1 Venture: Solar-Powered Unmannned Research Aircraft
Greg Tharavero


Extreme Temperature Drill System for Venus Exploration - A breakthrough Development
Jerri Ji


Extreme Temperature Drill System for Venus Exploration Movie
Jerri Ji


Aerocapture Techonology
Michelle Munk

VEXAG Meeting Summary
Ellen Stofan