Venus Meetings of Interest



Planetary Science Vision 2050 Workshop
February 27–28 and March 1, 2017
NASA Headquarters, Washington DC


48th Lunar And Planetary Science Conference
March 20–24, 2017
The Woodlands, Texas

Venus Town Hall Meeting and Early Career Scholars Mixer at LPSC
March 23, 2017
Town Hall Presentation | Attendees


Venus Modeling Workshop/Venus Science Priorities for Modeling and Experiments 
May 9–11, 2017
Ohio Aerospace Institute, Cleveland, Ohio

Fifth International Planetary Dunes Workshop
May 16–19, 2017
Dixie State University
St. George, Utah
Indication of Interest are due by Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Japan Geophysical Union Meeting
May 20–25, 2017.
Special Session on Saturday, May 20, titled: "Results on Venus Science with Akatsuki in Orbit for 1.5 Years”
Program (PDF) 

6th Interplanetary Cubesat Conference
May 30–31, 2017
Cambridge, United Kingdom
Abstract Deadline: April 1, 2017


Interplanetary Probes Workshop (IPPW-2017)
June 10–18, 2017
The Hague, Netherland


Venera-D Venus Modelling Workshop
October 5–7, 2017
IKI, Moscow Russia
Venera-D Joint Science Definition Team Report – January 31, 2017

8th Moscow International Solar System Symposium
October 9–13, 2017
Space Research Institute, Moscow, Russia,
Register at before July 1st, 2017
Abstract due July 10, 2017.


15th Meeting of the Venus Exploration Analysis Group
November 14–16, 2017
Applied Physics Laboratory
Laurel, Maryland
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