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ESA Press Release March 4, 2013 – Cassini spies Venus from Saturn Orbit New

Revised Venus Exploration Goals, Objectives, and Investigations for
Community Review

One of the primary goals of the VEXAG in 2013 is to update the Venus Exploration Goals and Objectives. You can supply your comments via the following internet connection.

Venus Town Hall Meeting and Early Career Scholars Mixer at LPSC – March 20, 2013 New

Opening Remarks Presentation
Venus Exploration Road Map Presentation
Venus Exploration Goals, Objectives, Investigations Presentation
Meeting Minutes

Current issue of the VEXAG Newsletter New

Opportunity for Postdoctoral Fellowship in Venus Studies at Glenn
Research Center

Save the Date:  11th Meeting of the Venus Exploration Analysis Group New November 19–21, 2013
Washington, DC area

Best of Venus Transit Vodcast New

Solar System Exploration's 50th Anniversary History Symposium (SSE@50) - Come hear historians, scientists, and dignitaries discuss the past 50 years of achievements and lessons, and what it means for the next 50 years – October 25–26, 2012 – Global VisionCenter, Crystal City VA

Register at: https://www.signup4.net/public/ap.aspx?EID=SSE510E&OID=50

Tenth VEXAG Meeting: 13 – 15 November 2012, Washington DC

NASA Headquarters/James Webb Auditorium (Ground Floor, West Entrance)
300 E St. SW
Washington DC 20546

 The primary objective of this meeting was to review and update the Goals and Objectives for Venus Exploration


Meeting Attendees

Resolutions and Findings


Presentations New

Venus Upper Atmosphere Investigations Science and Technical Interchange Meeting (STIM) January 24, 2013New

Glenn Research Center
Cleveland, Ohio
Contact: Tibor Kremic
Draft Agenda

Meeting Info PEN 16 December 2012 New


Foster a science discussion on goals, objectives, priorities, and significance of the Venus upper atmosphere and how Venus upper atmosphere science would contribute to overall exploration of Venus.

Discuss the desired measurements and measurement requirements to achieve potential Venus upper atmosphere science

Discuss spacecraft concepts and technologies that could reach the Venus UA and collect and return the desired data

International Venus Conference New
June 10–14, 2013
Catania, Sicily

Comparative Climatology of Terrestrial Planets
June 25–28, 2012
Boulder, Colorado
Executive Summary

Venus Town-Hall Meeting, LPSC, Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Meeting Recap

PEN Announcement – New Venus Topography Now Available – 13 March 2012

VEXAG Committee – March 2012 – Members and addresses

Venus Environmental Test Facility Capability List

Venus Exploration and Goals Document – March 2012

Venus National Academies Planetary Science Decadal Survey (2013–2022)

 Missions: (Fact Sheets)

Venus Climate Flagship Mission (VCM)

Venus Intrepid Tessera Lander – Flagship Mission (VITaL)

Venus Mobile Explorer Flagship Mission (VME)

Venus In Situ Explorer New Frontiers Mission (VISE)

Venus Pressure Chamber Flyer

Exploring the Planetary Science Achievable from a Balloon-Based Observatory, January 25–26, 2012, Ohio Aerospace Institute, Cleveland, Ohio. Contact Tibor Kremik.

New Venus Colloquium Series
Participation is open to undergraduate colleges and research institutions throughout the United States. Presenters are encouraged to address the needs of the next generation of scientists and to give an additional presentation to the general public. Applications for both presenter and institutions can also be found on the website.

Discovery & New Frontier News
NASA Selects Third New Frontiers Mission
May 25, 2011

Discovery Mission Selection
May 5, 2011

NASA Planetary Science Division Response to Decadal Survey
July 2011

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