Seventh Meeting of the Venus Exploration and Analysis Group (VEXAG)


Meeting Summary – Attendees - Agenda

NASA’s Planetary Science Program Status
J. Green

Decadal Survey: Inner Planets Panel Report
E. Stofan

Venus Geochemistry: Progress, Prospects, and New Missions
A. Treiman

Venus Express: Results, Status and Future Plans
H. Svedhem

Technologies for Future Venus Missions
T. Balint

Long-Lived Venus Lander Technologies
G. Hunter

Final Integration Test of the Venus Climate Orbiter (Planet-C)
VCO Project Team

Venus Pressure Test Chamber
N. Johnson

Venus Education and Public Outreach
R. Pertzborn

2010 Conference – “Venus Our Closest Earth-like Planet: From Surface to Thermosphere - How does it Work?”
S. Limaye


European Venus Explorer (EVE)
E. Chassefière, et al.

Mission Venera D (2016) -Scientific Goals and Payload
L. V. Zasova, et al

A Flagship Mission to Venus – Report of Venus STDT
M. Bullock

SAGE - Surface and Atmosphere Geochemical Explorer
L. W. Esposito


Aerial Electromagnetic Sounding of the Lithosphere of Venus
R. E. Grimm

Raman & LIBS - Mineralogy & Chemistry
S. Clegg, et al

Anomalous Radar Reflectivity of the Venus Highland Regions
F. Freund, et al

Venus Global Reference Atmosphere Model (Venus GRAM)
D. Edwards

Understanding Venus’ atmosphere
H. Parish