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VEXAG Reports


Topical Reports


PSS Update – March 2016


PSS Update – October 2015


Updated United States–NASA Support of the Venus Express Mission – July 2015


Venus Express Publications Supported by NASA – June 2015


Probing the Interior Structure of Venus, Report by Keck Institute for Space Studies Venus Seismology Study Team

May 2015


VEXAG Update - NASA PSS Meeting – March 2015


VEXAG Update - NASA PSS Meeting – November 2014


VEXAG's Venus Exploration View-graphs – DPS Meeting – November 2014


Venus Express Publications Supported by NASA – May 2014

2013 Report of the VEXAG International Collaborations Topical Analysis Group – October 2013


VEXAG Replies to NASA RFI for Lessons Learned from Recent PSD AO's for Discovery,

New Frontiers and JUICE – October 2013


Venus Exploration and Goals Document – March 2012


Venus Environmental Test Facility Capability List – March 2012


Why Explore Venus Now – November 2011


Venus White Papers for the 2010 Decadal Survey – December 2009


VEXAG Pathways for Venus Exploration Document – October, 2009


VEXAG Report on High-Priority Technology Development Requirements – November 2005

Stephen Mackwell, Chair, Planetary Formation and Evolution Focus Group

Kevin Baines, Chair, Atmospheric Evolution Focus Group

VEXAG Meeting Resolutions


Twelfth VEXAG Meeting (April 2015)


Eleventh VEXAG Meeting Resolutions (November 2013)


Tenth VEXAG Meeting Resolutions (November 2012)


Ninth VEXAG Meeting Resolutions (September 2011)


VEXAG Presentations to the Planetary Science Subcommittee 


VEXAG Update – September 2014 New 

Lori Glaze and Pat Beauchamp


VEXAG Update – March 2014  

Lori Glaze


VEXAG Update – November 2013

Lori Glaze


VEXAG Update – April 2013

Lori Glaze


VEXAG Update – October 2012

Sanjay S. Limaye


VEXAG Assessment of the National Academies' Planetary Science Decadal Survey

(Visions and Voyages, 2013–2022) – April 2011

Sue Smrekar and Sanjay Limaye


VEXAG Status Update – January 26, 2011

Sue Smrekar and Sanjay Limaye