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Student Opportunities


Opportunity for Postdoctoral Fellowship in Venus Studies 


Applications are now being accepted for a postdoctoral Fellowship at NASA Glenn Research Center (GRC) related to Venus studies. The Fellowship will concentrate on in-situ Venus geophysics/atmospheric physics and chemistry science carried out in Venus relevant environments, and exploring the capabilities of potential harsh environment instrumentation suites to provide relevant science data related to these studies. The candidate may use the harsh environment simulation capabilities at NASA GRC  to conduct scientific investigations into Venus geophysics/atmospheric physics and chemistry. studies towards addressing decadal science and preparing for potential Venus in situ science missions. Research also entails verification of various forms of instrumentation required to address decadal science questions and/potentially incorporate the work  on future missions in the respective environments. Similar science for other planetary bodies may also be considered based on relevance to these research topics and applicant interest.


Requirements are a recent Ph.D. in geophysics/ geology or atmospheric physics. Experience in experiment design or instrument/space craft system development is desirable.


For more information see: or inquire at


Student Poster Competition 


Undergraduate and graduate students will have the opportunity to participate in a VEXAG-sponsored competition at the workshop. Participants must submit an abstract and present a poster during the workshop. The student with the best poster will win travel assistance to a future conference to present their poster. Information regarding the workshop can be found at


Student posters should demonstrate an understanding of Venus as a potential mission target, the technology required to answer current questions about Venus, and consistency with the VEXAG goals and objectives. Questions can be directed to Stephanie Johnston at


If you wish to participate in the student poster contest, please answer “yes” to the appropriate question on the abstract submission form.