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ISO-SWS observations of Jupiter (upper panel) compared with a synthetic model spectrum (lower panel). Figure provided by B. Bezard (see also Encrenaz et al. 1996, Astron. Astrophys. 315, L397-L400).

The International Jupiter Watch (now the International Outer Planet Watch) is an informal program for the encouragement and coordination of the study of temporal variations in the outer solar system. The IOPW Laboratory and Theory discipline is designed to promote communication and interaction between experimental, theoretical, and observational research scientists within the outer-planet community. In this Web site, interested browsers can view the latest news regarding current experimental and theoretical advances in outer-solar-system science. The site also contains a list of recent publications, access to unpublished laboratory data, information concerning meetings of possible interest to discipline members, and links to other useful Web sites.

The discipline is currently managed by:

Karl Hibbitts
Dept. of Earth & Space Sciences 351310
Univ. of Washington
Seattle, Wa 98155
(206) 543-6229 (voice)
(206) 685-2379 (fax)