Artemis III Science Definition Team

White Papers

Number Title First Author Name
2001 Membrane-Based Processing for Exospheric Water-Group Species Captured on the Lunar Surface by Artemis Califorrniaa, E.
2002 Debris Scale Venable, J. C. V
2003 "How to achieve, World Peace." McGann, E.
2004 The Origin of Dark Matter - Test Collection at the Moon's South Pole Vargas Fèrnandez, E.
2005 Lunar Colony for Large-scale, Multi-generational Lunar Gravity Studies on Mice Davis, N. A.
2006 White paper for Artemis Science Definition Team Gonzalez Pizarro, P. G.
2007 Photodocumenting Sample Sites on Artemis Missions to the Moon by Close-Range Photogrammetry Wells, R. A.
2008 Electromagnetic Sounding of the Lunar Interior from Artemis III Grimm, R. E.
2009 Elevated dust at the lunar south-pole. Walker, G. A. H.
2010 Regolith Coring and Long-term Heat Flow Observation through the Subsurface Zone of Ice Stability Nagihara, S.
2011 Perturbing the Mass and Composition of the Lunar Atmosphere During the Artemis Surface Missions Levine, J. S.
2012 Lunar Dust and Its Impact on Human Exploration Levine, J. S.
2013 Ultrahigh accuracy time synchronization technique operation on the Moon Gurzadyan, V. G.
2014 Young Thrust Fault Scarps as Targets of Opportunity for Exploration and Seismic Hazard Characterization Watters, T. R.
2015 Artemis Iii Science and Tools Exploration Science for a Near South Pole Crewed Landing. Schmitt, H. H.
2016 Global Heat Flux Predictions for Landing Sites: Polar Advantages. Siegler, M. A.
2017 Lunar Heat Flow: Global Predictions and Reduced Heat Flux Siegler, M. A.
2018 Science Case for Microwave Wavelength Measurements Siegler, M. A.
2019 Building a lunar network using a long-lived, human-deployed Lunar Geophysical Package (LGP) Panning, M.
2020 Thermal Infrared Data of the Earth and Lunar Surface (from the Lunar Surface) Ramsey, M. S.
2021 Human and Robotic Operations Planning Framework for Executing Artemis Lunar Scientific Exploration Eppler, D. B.
2022 Active Seismic Subsurface Exploration on ARTEMIS III: Exploration and Science Goal Gulick, S. P.
2023 A proposal for a robotic-human cooperation during NASA Artemis III mission to the Moon's South Pole Sommariva, A.
2024 Thorium Assay and Mining Experiment (TAME) Bruner, W. W.
2025 Marangoni Effect on Molten Lunar Regolith Dominguez, J. A.
2026 Sample Return of Pristine Lunar Dust to Enable the Design of New Simulants and Activation Protocols for Astronaut Health Corazzari, I.
2027 In situ Toxicological Investigation of the Lunar Dust Reactivity to Design New Simulants and Activation Protocols for Astronaut Health Corazzari, I.
2028 Hyperspectral Mineral Mapping of the Lunar Surface Tkaczyk, T.
2029 Moon's vibration modes in the mHz band and the Lunar Gravitational-Wave Antenna Harms, J.
2030 Seismology on Artemis III: Exploration and Science Goals Lognonnè, P.
2031 Novel Technologies for Suspension Cultures in Space Hammond, T. G.
2032 Moon-Drop-Shot Clark, A. H.
2033 The Importance of Measuring Heat Flux Near the Lunar South Pole Kiefer, W. S.
2034 SOTERIA: Searching for Organisms Through Equipment Recovery at Impact Areas Lee, J. A.
2035 Lunar Near-Surface Volatile Sample Return Aleinov, I.
2036 A Multi-Purpose Landing Site Near Crater Idelíson L Hiesinger, H.
2037 Study of the Froude Number for Human Locomotion in Space Environment Ma, O.
2038 Standoff Ultracompact µ-Raman Sensor (SUCR): Search for Polar Ices, Geology and Conduct Human Research Abedin, M. N.
2039 In-situ chemical analysis of surface material: From in-situ resource utilization to basic lunar science Riedo, A.
2040 Artemis III EVA Opportunities in the Vicinity of the Lunar South Pole on the Rim of Shackleton Crater Kring, D. A.
2041 The missing link: connecting remote observations to samples Honniball, C. I.
2042 Artemis III EVA Opportunities along a Ridge Extending from Shackleton Crater towards de Gerlache Crater Kring, D. A.
2043 Artemis III EVA Opportunities on the Rim of de Gerlache Crater Kring, D. A.
2044 Alternative Artemis III EVA Opportunities near de Gerlache Crater Kring, D. A.
2045 Artemis III EVA Opportunities on the Lunar Farside near Shackleton Crater Kring, D. A.
2046 Preparing for Artemis III EVA Science Operations Kring, D. A.
2047 Artemis III EVA Opportunities on Malapert and Leibnitz Beta Massifs Kring, D. A.
2048 Exploring the Near-Surface at the Lunar South Pole with Geophysical Tools Schmelzbach, C.
2049 Science Strategy for Understanding Regolith Development and Space Weathering with Artemis III Denevi, B. W.
2050 Investigations of the effect of material mixing on the spatial distributions of water ice and volatiles in the lunar polar regions Hirabayashi, M.
2051 Investigating Parameters of Autonomy and Communication in (Cis)lunar Missions to Mitigate the Hazards of Human Spaceflight in Exploration Class Missions Smithsimmons, A.
2052 Recommended Dust-Plasma Interaction Investigations for Artemis III Hartzell, C. M.
2053 Understanding the Diverse Particle Environment at the Lunar South Pole Through Simple Sample Collection Moriarty, D. P.
2054 Whole Earth imaging from the Moon South Pole (EPIC-Moon) Marshak, A.
2055 Science from an Active Volatile Release Experiment Prem, P.
2056 On the Importance of Determining Binding Energies of Volatiles on the Moon Jones, B. M.
2057 Applied Lunar Science on Artemis III in Support of In Situ Resource Utilization Keszthelyi, L.
2058 How Artemis Can Accomplish Major Lunar Exploration Scientific Goals and Objectives: A Sampling Strategy and the "Artemis Rake". Head, J. W.
2059 Understanding Rocket Exhaust Effects in Polar Regions During Powered Descent on the Moon Watkins, R. N.
2060 Quantification and Reduction of Antibiotic-Resistant and Virulent Pathogens on Spacecraft Thoemmes, M. S.
2061 Artemis Terrestrial Ecosystem Observatory (ATEO) Huemmrich, K. F.
2062 Using the Lunar Surface as a Platform for Astronomy Cochran, W. D.
2063 The value of surface-based gravity and gravity gradient measurements at the Moonís south pole with Artemis III James, P.
2064 Core Samples Recollection of Ice-Bearing Regolith in the PSR¥s of the Moon South Pole Suarez, J. E.
2065 Neurological, Cardiovascular and Behavioral Consequences of Lunar Exploration using Drosophila melanogaster - Artemis III Mission Iyer, J. S.
2066 A High-Cadence UV-Optical Telescope Suite On The Lunar South Pole Fleming, S. W.
2067 In Situ 3D Microscopy of Undisturbed Lunar Regolith to Validate Lunar Surface Features Livengood, T. A.
2068 Uniquely Multidisciplinary Investigations at Amundsen Crater for Artemis III Runyon, K.
2069 Sample Return of Permanently Shadowed Regions for Space Weathering Investigations Burgess, K. D.
2070 Enabling Elements for Artemis Surface Science Neal, C. R.
2071 Geophysical Science on the Surface of the Moon Enabled by Artemis Schmerr, N.
2072 Portable Magnetic Surveys at the Lunar Surface During Artemis Richardson, J. A.
2073 Lunar Laser Ranging on Artemis III: Operation and Scientific Goals Williams, J. G.
2074 Lunar Glass Sampling by the Artemis Crew: Big Science from Small Samples Zellner, N. E. B.
2075 The Complex Electromagnetic Environment at the Lunar South Pole Batcheldor, D. P.
2076 Lunar Lettuce Production during Artemis III mission to the Moon's South Pole Monje, O.
2077 Next-Generation Geodesy at the Lunar South Pole: An Opportunity Enabled by the Artemis III Crew. Viswanathan, V.
2078 Next-Generation Lunar Magnetism by Artemis Tikoo, S. M.
2079 Ground Truth: Testing Theories for the Distribution of Lunar Volatiles Siegler, M. A.
2080 Temperature Variations within the Moon's Permanently Shadowed Regions Landis, M. E.
2081 Moon geodesy with radio beacons Petrov, L.
2082 Characterization of Electrostatically Lofted Dust Environment at High Lunar Latitudes Petrinec, S. M.
2083 Probing the Geomechanical Properties of the South Polar (Pen)-Umbral Regolith Bickel, V. T.
2084 Gravitational-Wave Lunar Observatory for Fundamental Physics Jani, K.
2085 Exploration of lunar dynamic evolution using samples returned from the lunar South Pole Dygert, N. J.
2086 Application of Biosolids and Wastewater to Lunar Regolith to Jump Start Soil Generation Posey, J.
2087 Artemis Search for Supernova Isotopes in the Lunar Regolith Fields, B. D.
2088 Cosmic Ultraviolet Emission-line Survey (CUES) Morse, J.
2089 Lunar Geophysical Network for Artemis Bailey, S. A.
2090 A Wide-Field Near-UV Moon Observatory Barclay, T.
2091 A Survey of Micro Cold Traps at the Artemis III Landing Site to Determine the Rate of Water Delivery to the Moon Hayne, P. O.
2092 Determining the Earth Radiation Budget Finsterle, W.
2094 Magic Staff: A tool for frozen volatile hunting Paige, D.
2095 Lunar Surface Measurements to Inform Both Science and In Situ Resource Utilization McAdam, A. C.
2096 ReconDroid for Artemis-3 Bailey, S. A.
2097 Artemis III Neutron Surface Science Fuqua Haviland, H.
2098 Characterizing Terminator Space Weather with Artemis III Fuqua Haviland, H.
2099 SPIKE Miniature Penetrator Probe for Artemis-3 Bailey, S. A.
2100 Dust on the table. Developing lunar regolith for long-term colonization of the inner solar system Zaharescu, D. G.
2101 Science Objectives for Artemis III Crewed Activities Stopar, J. D.
2102 Roving Instruments as Part of a Human-Robot team for Sample Return Collection. Sims, M. H.
2103 Maximizing scientific opportunities through the careful selection, collection, storage, curation, and analysis of samples from the Artemis program. Gross, J.
2104 Astronaut-Assisted Neutron Mapping Su, J. J.
2105 NASA Human Service Mission To The ILOS, 2024-2025 Durst, S.
2106 Evidence for a Long-lived Lunar Dynamo Questioned: Robust Definition of the Magnetic History of the Moon Tarduno, J. A.
2107 Investigations Regarding Subsurface Temperature Profiles at Polar Regions on the Moon Sehlke, A.
2108 Evaluation of Lunar Regolith Enrichment Techniques for its Usage as Substrate on in situ Crop Production Mendez, Y. N.
2109 Volatile Sample Return by Artemis III Gerakines, P. A.
2110 Mapping Hydration State and Composition of the Lunar Regolith - An Artemis Science White Paper Hewagama, T.
2111 SETI from the Lunar South Pole Michaud, E. J.
2112 Electrostatic Dust Transport Effects on Lunar Regolith Evolution and Dust Hazards Wang, X.
2113 Science Priorities for Sample Return for Artemis Missions to the Lunar South Pole Jolliff, B. L.
2114 A Study of Earth's Technosignatures from the Lunar Surface Elowitz, R. M.
2116 EVA H2O Release: Need for Measurements and Monitoring During Human Exploration of the Lunar Polar Regions Lee, P.
2117 Connecting the Lunar Surface and Sub-Surface Radiation Environments Losekamm, M. J.
2118 Photogrammetry to Support Geologic Field Work and Extravehicular Activity (EVA) Operations on the Lunar Surface Hurtado, J. M.
2119 Detection and Handling of an Electric Discharge on the Moon for Dust Protection, Safe Operation, and Insitu Resource Utilization. Kletetschka, G.
2120 Chemical Reactivity of In Situ Lunar Dust Rask, J.
2121 Evaluation of Lunar Regolith Potential as Construction Materials Source for Future Artemis Base Camp Suarez, J. E.
2122 IR Photometric Survey for Transiting Exoplanets around Nearby Stars Morse, J.
2123 Crew-based Micro-topographic Imaging of the Moon for Science, Exploration, and Safety Garvin, J. B.
2124 Understanding the 3D Stratigraphy of Icy Regolith Deposits at the Lunar South Pole Cannon, K. M.
2125 Lunar Poles Rover (LPR): A Search for Hydrated Minerals, Organics, Metals and Light Aggregates in Preparation for ISRU Trigo-Rodriguez, J. M.
2126 Astrobiology on the Moon: Learning About the Early Earth While Preparing for Mars Longo, A. Z.

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