Edited by William Bottke, Alberto Cellino, Paolo Paolicchi, and Richard P. Binzel

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An Overview of the Asteroids:  The Asteroids III Perspective (pp. 3–15)
W. F. Bottke Jr., A. Cellino, P. Paolicchi, and R. P. Binzel
3051.pdf (120 K)

Giuseppe Piazzi and the Discovery of Ceres (pp. 17–24)
G. Foderà Serio, A. Manara, and P. Sicoli
3027.pdf (454 K)


2.1.  Surveys:  Numbers, Orbits, Biases, and Size Distributions

Asteroid Orbit Computation (pp. 27–43)
E. Bowell, J. Virtanen, K. Muinonen, and A. Boattini
3039.pdf (1.04 MB)

Near-Earth Asteroid Search Programs (pp. 45–54)
G. H. Stokes, J. B. Evans, and S. M. Larson
3037.pdf (319 K)

Asteroid Close Approaches:  Analysis and Potential Impact Detection (pp. 55–69)
A. Milani, S. R. Chesley, P. W. Chodas, and G. B. Valsecchi
3040.pdf (427 K)

Observational Selection Effects in Asteroid Surveys (pp. 71–87)
R. Jedicke, J. Larsen, and T. Spahr
3021.pdf (751 K)

The Comparison of Size-Frequency Distributions of Impact Craters and Asteroids and the Planetary Cratering Rate (pp. 89–101)
B. A. Ivanov, G. Neukum, W. F. Bottke Jr., and W. K. Hartmann
3025.pdf (205 K)

2.2.  Physical Properties:  Sizes, Shapes, Spins, and Composition

Asteroid Masses and Densities (pp. 103–112)
J. L. Hilton
3008.pdf (262 K)

Asteroid Rotations (pp. 113–122)
P. Pravec, A. W. Harris, and T. Michalowski
3016.pdf (279 K)

Asteroid Photometric and Polarimetric Phase Effects (pp. 123–138)
K. Muinonen, J. Piironen, Yu. G. Shkuratov, A. Ovcharenko, and B. E. Clark
3044.pdf (275 K)

Asteroid Models from Disk-integrated Data (pp. 139–150)
M. Kaasalainen, S. Mottola, and M. Fulchignoni
3015.pdf (250 K)

Asteroid Radar Astronomy (pp. 151–168)
S. J. Ostro, R. S. Hudson, L. A. M. Benner, J. D. Giorgini, C. Magri, J. L. Margot, and M. C. Nolan
3004.pdf (1.13 MB)

Visible-Wavelength Spectroscopy of Asteroids (pp. 169–182)
S. J. Bus, F. Vilas, and M. A. Barucci
3032.pdf (262 K)

Mineralogy of Asteroids (pp. 183–204)
M. J. Gaffey, E. A. Cloutis, M. S. Kelley, and K. L. Reed
3024.pdf (233 K)

Asteroids in the Thermal Infrared (pp. 205–218)
A. W. Harris and J. S. V. Lagerros
3005.pdf (153 K)

Observations from Orbiting Platforms (pp. 219–234)
E. Dotto, M. A. Barucci, T. G. Müller, A. D. Storrs, and P. Tanga
3006.pdf (381 K)

Hydrated Minerals on Asteroids:  The Astronomical Record (pp. 235–253)
A. S. Rivkin, E. S. Howell, F. Vilas, and L. A. Lebofsky
3031.pdf (384 K)

Physical Properties of Near-Earth Objects (pp. 255–271)
R. P. Binzel, D. Lupishko, M. Di Martino, R. J. Whiteley, and G. J. Hahn
3048.pdf (498 K)

Physical Properties of Trojan and Centaur Asteroids (pp. 273–287)
M. A. Barucci, D. P. Cruikshank, S. Mottola, and M. Lazzarin
3001.pdf (196 K)

Asteroids Do Have Satellites (pp. 289–312)
W. J. Merline, S. J. Weidenschilling, D. D. Durda, J. L. Margot, P. Pravec, and A. D. Storrs
3050.pdf (912 K)


Cratering on Asteroids from Galileo and NEAR Shoemaker (pp. 315–330)
C. R. Chapman
3046.pdf (851 K)

Asteroid Geology from Galileo and NEAR Shoemaker Data (pp. 331–350)
R. J. Sullivan, P. C. Thomas, S. L. Murchie, and M. S. Robinson
3045.pdf (840 K)

Near Earth Asteroid Rendezvous:  Mission Summary (pp. 351–366)
A. F. Cheng
3047.pdf (972 K)

Spacecraft Exploration of Asteroids:  The 2001 Perspective (pp. 367–376)
R. Farquhar, J. Kawaguchi, C. Russell, G. Schwehm, J. Veverka, and D. Yeomans
3041.pdf (695 K)


4.1.  Dynamical

Regular and Chaotic Dynamics in the Mean-Motion Resonances:  Implications for the Structure and Evolution of the Asteroid Belt (pp. 379–394)
D. Nesvorný, S. Ferraz-Mello, M. Holman, and A. Morbidelli
3026.pdf (2.09 MB)

The Effect of Yarkovsky Thermal Forces on the Dynamical Evolution of Asteroids and Meteoroids (pp. 395–408)
W. F. Bottke Jr., D. Vokrouhlický, D. P. Rubincam, and M. Broz
3014.pdf (1.3 MB)

Origin and Evolution of Near-Earth Objects (pp. 409–422)
A. Morbidelli, W. F. Bottke Jr., Ch. Froeschlé, and P. Michel
3003.pdf (2.17 MB)

4.2.  Collisional

Asteroidal Dust (pp. 423–442)
S. F. Dermott, D. D. Durda, K. Grogan, and T. J. J. Kehoe
3042.pdf (592 K)

Asteroid Impacts:  Laboratory Experiments and Scaling Laws (pp. 443–462)
K. Holsapple, I. Giblin, K. Housen, A. Nakamura, and E. Ryan
3030.pdf (357 K)

Asteroid Interiors (pp. 463–484)
E. Asphaug, E. V. Ryan, and M. T. Zuber
3038.pdf (2.22 MB)

Asteroid Density, Porosity, and Structure (pp. 485–500)
D. T. Britt, D. Yeomans, K. Housen, and G. Consolmagno
3022.pdf (306 K)

Gravitational Aggregates:  Evidence and Evolution (pp. 501–515)
D. C. Richardson, Z. M. Leinhardt, H. J. Melosh, W. F. Bottke Jr., and E. Asphaug
3020.pdf (248 K)

Side Effects of Collisions:  Spin Rate Changes, Tumbling Rotation States, and Binary Asteroids (pp. 517–526)
P. Paolicchi, J. A. Burns, and S. J. Weidenschilling
3036.pdf (286 K)

The Fate of Asteroid Ejecta (pp. 527–544)
D. J. Scheeres, D. D. Durda, and P. E. Geissler
3033.pdf (789 K)

Collisional Evolution of Small-Body Populations (pp. 545–558)
D. R. Davis, D. D. Durda, F. Marzari, A. Campo Bagatin, and R. Gil-Hutton
3029.pdf (181 K)

4.3.  Cosmochemical

Thermal Evolution Models of Asteroids (pp. 559–571)
H. Y. McSween Jr., A. Ghosh, R. E. Grimm, L. Wilson, and E. D. Young
3002.pdf (206 K)

Geological History of Asteroid 4 Vesta:  The "Smallest Terrestrial Planet" (pp. 573–584)
K. Keil
3034.pdf (201 K)

4.4.  Space Weathering

Asteroid Space Weathering and Regolith Evolution (pp. 585–599)
B. E. Clark, B. Hapke, C. Pieters, and D. Britt
3023.pdf (815 K)


5.1.  Asteroid Families

The Determination of Asteroid Proper Elements (pp. 603–612)
Z. Knezevic, A. Lemaître, and A. Milani
3011.pdf (297 K)

Asteroid Family Identification (pp. 613–618)
Ph. Bendjoya and V. Zappalà
3013.pdf (79 K)

Physical and Dynamical Properties of Asteroid Families (pp. 619–631)
V. Zappalà, A. Cellino, A. Dell'Oro, and P. Paolicchi
3012.pdf (733 K)

Spectroscopic Properties of Asteroid Families (pp. 633–643)
A. Cellino, S. J. Bus, A. Doressoundiram, and D. Lazzaro
3018.pdf (245 K)

5.2.  Relationships

Asteroid Meteoroid Streams (pp. 645–652)
T. J. Jopek, G. B. Valsecchi, and Cl. Froeschlé
3017.pdf (148 K)

Meteoritic Parent Bodies:  Their Number and Identification (pp. 653–667)
T. H. Burbine, T. J. McCoy, A. Meibom, B. Gladman, and K. Keil
3028.pdf (392 K)

Evolution of Comets into Asteroids (pp. 669–686)
P. R. Weissman, W. F. Bottke Jr., and H. F. Levison
3035.pdf (1.43 MB)

5.3.  Origins

Chronology of Asteroid Accretion and Differentiation (pp. 687–695)
A. Shukolyukov and G. W. Lugmair
3019.pdf (115 K)

Meteorite Evidence for the Accretion and Collisional Evolution of Asteroids (pp. 697–709)
E. R. D. Scott
3049.pdf (447 K)

Primordial Excitation and Depletion of the Main Belt (pp. 711–723)
J.-M. Petit, J. Chambers, F. Franklin, and M. Nagasawa
3009.pdf (353 K)

Origin and Evolution of Trojan Asteroids (pp. 725–738)
F. Marzari, H. Scholl, C. Murray, and C. Lagerkvist
3007.pdf (935 K)

5.4.  The Impact Hazard

Dealing with the Impact Hazard (pp. 739–754)
D. Morrison, A. W. Harris, G. Sommer, C. R. Chapman, and A. Carusi
3043.pdf (168 K)


Asteroid Data Archiving in the Planetary Data System (pp. 757–759)
C. L. Neese, E. J. Grayzeck, and M. V. Sykes
3010.pdf (41 K)


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